How Drugs has destroyed our environment and Communities because of drugs impact in human body

, nothing is off the table on possible things a person may do and behavior.

What are drugs

A Drug is that certain Pill or mixture chemical that you will take it’s either you will be drinking or smoking it but some of them are injecting themselves and that will change the way you normal do things by that period , the reaction of your body will definitely change but as for you ,you won’t be noticing yourself as the outcome of usage will be dealing with

Tobacco chewing
Cough Syrups

Commonly used ones


As for all of the above ones is that those types they don’t make a person to react the same way bear in mind that we are all human but our bodies don’t react the same way , you will find yourself acting crazy and otherwise and sometimes you won’t be seeing anything that you are doing right or wrong to you at that time it would be just the same , and most of people I mean 80% they are dangerous once they find themselves used the substance.

Families has lost their loved ones because of substance abuse , kids ,brother and sisters have been abandoned by families hence I did say that those that consume the substance are not the same and the way they make you react is really not the same ,but from the them the are those kinds that can make you a threat to the people around you meaning you always dangerous when you’ve them, so harmful for the people and also harmful to you body too.

Uncontrollable impacts to our loved ones

let’s say for instead you are just a fan of Tobacco chewing and Cigarettes those one you can use them all the time but you won’t be harmful to others around you but I am telling you along the way you will be developing TB and it is really harmful to your body, no matter how many times you you can used them they cannot control you to do all the bad things ,some people are using it as a stress reliever or are used to used them .

The most painful part about these substances is that they will control in a way that you will be harming people and hurt people unintentional , some do kill but 10% , if you can check the rates of people died from car accidents in the world you will see how drink and driving has played a part in killing innocent people.

The more you see street kids by the street never judge those people it is not their own choice to be there because some started by consuming the substance and some stole from their loved ones so some they were kicked out by their families its so rare to find a family having a thug in the same yard but bear in mind those didn’t became that because they felt like being that those people.

It’s not like they want good things when they steal it’s only these outcome of cunsumption but let’s not judge them but let’s help them with REHABS , because some of them will surprise you when you sit down with them and ask why are they using too much substance I am telling you , you will cry .

Substance effects on children

Just imagine as a parent raising a nice , neat and brave child but along the way because of the bad decisions and the friends they make who has that bad influence that will lead your child to disrespectful and not doing the same things they usually do ,drugs can make a son or a daughter to be a stranger from their families , they don’t do things purposely but the control in now from the Drugs they are addicted to . The effects of drugs to younger people may be more devastating, not to say that it is less harmful to adults.

These has really killed our hero’s and heroes because the people we raised to protect us but they are the ones who are killing , raping and robbing us , we are no longer safe in our places and yards because we feel like we raise a drug addict not knowing that, these ones once they find you they will rob you and take everything they need from and they won’t even care whether you their brother or sister , they need something that they can sell in order for them to get what they need but one of the things a like about the they might be a threat to the society but they are not heartless to take a persons life .

I just remember when we were young some of drugs we would study about in our study books but we knew only the Weed and Alcohol and that you wouldn’t see young pupil using them because they would beat you so hard being caught using them , we knew them as Drugs to be used by older people, at the same time they were expensive an