going pain

What is a pain

It is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage or is also described in terms of such damage , we also know it as feeling common to such experience as stubbing a to or burning your finger ,the is a physical pain and this can be made by likes of Fear ,Grief and Anxiety and Depression also unmet spiritual needs.


The feeling of desolate or alone and especially by death of loved ones.

Suffering from the loss of loved ones.
Grief is a natural response to loss. It’s the emotional suffering one feels when someone is being taken away and this type of loss does often cause the most grief.


Some other loss can cause Grief that includes,
A miscarriage
Losing job
Loss of financial stability
Loss of a friendship
Loss of health
Death of a pet
A serious illness for loved ones
Loss of safety after a trauma

The are always different ways of Grieving and people are doing that in different ways and how one grieves depends on many factors , that includes the person’s personality and coping style also life experience , faith and the nature of the loss, bear in mind the is no normal timetable for grieving.
And the are facts and myth about grief


The pain will go away when you are ignoring it.
Trying to ignore your pain or keep it from surfacing will only make it worse in the long run , for real healing it is necessary to face your grief and actively deal with it.
It is important to be ‘be strong in the face of loss
Feeling sad , frightened , or lonely is a normal reaction to loss.

We all need to know some facts about us as human beings is that most of us are fearing Dying not Death and the transition from active ,occasionally invasive treatment must be smooth and almost imperceptible.
It needs considerable clinical skill and sensitivity.

The terminal phase

At times confusion and features of agitation and anguish
Reduced an interesting getting out of bed or talking
Less interest in things that are happening in him/her
Increased weakness ,tiredness and sleepiness

What is grief

Grief :It is a the emotional , cognitive and physical reaction that are seen, after the death of loved ones.
Mourning :It is psychological process whereby the bereaved gradually undoes the psychological bonds that bond him/her to the deceased.

Anticipatory grief: It is phenomenon that includes the processes of mourning , coping , interacting ,planning and psycho-social reorganization that is stimulated and in part in response to the awareness of the impending loss of a loved one .

We all need to respect another persons privacy , some other people they have their own will when they have died and we really have to respect whatever they once wishes when they gone e, g don’t cover my coffin with a blanket if that is his/her wish that’s what we need to respect.
Respect other people’s attitude and perceptions of death and dying
And as we all have different cultures and the way we will be lay to rest is different:


Body -burial but treated with respect
Crimination acceptable under certain circumstances
Prolong life -preserve life
Family preferences are important
Autopsy-permitted but corpse treaded with respect and only if there is stuffiest reason for the autopsy.


Euthanasia -not accepted
Allow to die naturally
Recite the Holy Quran


Death-dignity and respect
Dying person not be touch
Dying-Transition from one state of existence to another .
Suffocating is the most severe form of dying
Care of the recently deseased

Son/relative- close eyes and mouth, cover the body
Crimination mortem forbidden
Feet to face doorway but otherwise not not touch.


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