comfort zone to our youth

What is comfort zone

In general it’s a place where we always find peace things we need are always simple that we know the routine of them or the place that whatever you are doing is like a daily thing and we are always working free on everything we are doing if at work.

What are the Advantages

Free space


Peace of mind

No stress

Free space

We are human and we are all different also the way we do things and think things, so some I mean most of us really enjoy their space , no-one will ever argue with you if you prefer to sit alone just to have that free space that you need, sometimes not to say anything but we all need that little time alone just to think deep.

and the is nothing wrong when a person is in need of that little time alone because we might know what a person is going through so we do need that time.


We all have that feeling that we need to do something even though it is not important but just to do something , sometimes you need to have a group of people to cause that , some will be busy sending each other some funny picture and videos and that will turn to be joke and a serious matter depending and using phones at work can cause all the drama and ciaos in the workplace , and it has never a boring thing to do trust me.

Peace of mind

I want you to remember that when you find yourself having that peace in your heart some other things may not be right , because everything you are doing you just doing that but you are too relaxed and by you relaxing can cause lack of some things because you to relax on what you are doing , not that I’m saying we don’t need that but check where you are and how busy is your deadline.

No stress

You and me we don’t need that in our lives and just imagine on your workplace that the is that person who is always giving you stress and now that person left that place , do you see how life can turn to that workplace ,

People will be doing things the way they thing is best because the annoying person is but at the same time we need to know that in life the will always be those people in life to teach us more about life and we will feel like the are straining us but some are helping or preparing us for a better future , we always want a no stress zone in our lives, but the question is IS THIS STRESS FREE ZONE good or what .

What are the disadvantages

No success

Grow up having nothing


No success

The person God has created with all the organs will always the same , because you will need to make sure your brain is working with you mind and I have notice in our youth, they are mostly using their hearts more than their minds ,

if we were having them using using their minds and heart I doubt we would be having them being in the same workplace with their mothers and fathers but they don’t show any interest on doing more of what they are doing no , because they always feel what they are earning is enough even though is it not , hence I’ve they don’t use their mind but their heart.

You can’t work in a company for more than 5 years still earning the same money , you were earning the very same day you arrived then you say you are growing because you are not, but they are so so lazy to think outside the box, so you will never get successful having a negative mind, leave that comfort zone and go out there and see life better.

Growing up having nothing

We all need know that no everyone was born to be rich or successful but if you don’t all out to do the best you can , do you think you will have something that you can call yours if you remain where you are today,

just imagine turning 45years and you never had car or own yourself an apartment because of what thought was good for you , painful part is that we realized that we let go of the opportunities and it would be so late for you to go back and fix your life or apply for better jobs than the one you are in now.


I just want you to think out the box , do you know that we you are entertaining some other things people may see you as an immature person , so being in that comfort zone of yours young people may leave you there and find a better job to do than to remain where you are , sometimes where you are may not build you and your life but what we love is to do something which is not straining us.

We all need to run away from our comfort zone in order for us to achieve our goal , no-one I mean no-one give you car and build you a big house of your dreams.

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