how to start your day

What is that you need to do to make your day

People got their ways of starting their own day and not everyone likes to wake and jog because some other people have to go to work and some to school, hence I’ve said the way we start our days differs but here I will try to advice you and your friends on how it to start your day but some will use my advice some won’t depending and another is that our way of living and life style are not the same.
Wake up:
Jog when you have time
Eat fruit
Drink water
Eat your Cereal with Milk
Try and avoid eating oily food
Push ups
Greet people
Make positive conversations

Jog-People who would do this are those who woke up early this goes for people who work later that they have at least time to go jog and it’s so nice to jog in the morning because your body is still fresh and I’m not saying doing it late is not ok ,it is okay to do that.

Eat fruit-What a good thing to do before you go to the office or school just one fruit can make your body and mind to start functioning and ready to go and no need for you to take more than one and other thing I have realize about the fruit is that it brings you an appetite for you to be able to eat and that you can see even by those bouncers the use mostly fruits to open appetite for them to eat, we all need to start our day.

Drink water-I drink water everyday when I’m done brushing my teeth we all know that water is so healthy more than everything bear mind it’s not only for you to have a clean Urine but it is so cleaning whole of your body and keep your Lungs function in good and proper way.
Eat your Cereal with Milk-Not everyone have money to buy Cereal first to those who can buy them please do add more milk and don’t dilute it with water because we need calcium for our bones to keep on being strong.

Try and avoid eating oily food-I don’t want people to get me wrong this but just and start your day with just boiled Eggs and your bacon and your cheese with bread and that you are good to go ,not because I’m those Eggs of yours are not good they are but not start your day within tryna avoid oil ,because even your dinner will still have oil by that you will be killing yourself slowly by using oil in the morning and still for a dinner.

Push ups-This is also similar to jogging but you can jog on your house you need just a space to do that but push ups you just wake and create your space to start your push ups.
Greet people-Stop passing people as in your passing the grave or the graveyard sometimes to say HI will never kill you it doesn’t matter how close are you to them but greet them because that’s when other people tend to have a problem with you , greeting according to me is another way of showing a respect to other people ,I’m not saying greet your enemies but let people know that you are there.

Make positive conversations-Just imagine before you start working or attending the classes ,you are there with your colleagues and your classmates discussing how you want to make your day nice and productive no matter what circumstances surrounding you but you will make it .

Pray-Just imagine before doing anything you just ask and thank your God for being with the whole night and thanking him for protecting through and ask him to continue blessing your day ahead of you believe me you he will definitely do that for you.

We all different goals to achieve we might work for one company do the same duties but what we are doing at work is what our job is expecting us to do, but what I want to do for my money has to do with me not as much as our responsibilities are not the same , as much I’m advising people about how they should try to their day some are just single parents the only time they have is when the baby is not around I’m talking about when it comes to jog because you can’t leave your baby sleeping and go for jogging.

I did say that these advises are for everyone but depending who is going to use them ,but even though if can’t use it’s all fine maybe you have already have your own ways of starting your but once just try mine if they don’t work for you I will definitely understand as I’ve said we got different responsibilities and problems to deal with. You can just choose the best you think will work for and the one that won’t be costing you your money and time ,energy but honestly those have worked for me and POSITIVE CONVERSATIONS is the best I’m telling because everything that you will be doing have a little push on it.

It doesn’t matter how to know a person but having a nice and fruit conversation can help person sometimes emotional depending the conversation you people had.

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