dream it , make it through any situation

What are dreams and what will make them come through.

What are dreams and what will make them come true, this is our daily song to each everyone of us and these dreams always come through only if you really believe that you’ll make it and you are acting towards your own vision of good things in your life , we all have those moments at school were out teachers would asked us what we want to become when we grow up and you will hear us , saying all kinds and kinds but when we have grown 10% of us make it to our early age dreams.

You may force things to happen but if what you are doing it’s not what you really like along the way it will fail because you are not doing it with passion but you are doing it because of some reasons and some will be you trying to have something that will busy , every dream will always come through mostly if you are giving it your time and attention , believe me you everything you always wanted in your life will come if you really living to make it through any situation.

No money

We all know that everything start somewhere to be something some goes to us , I can tell you if you don’t have money it will be so difficult to make it , everything in this world needs money and the is no way you can make it if you don’t have , I have seen this happening to make people and it is really a disadvantage to many of us , let’s assume that you really need to go and study and you don’t have money so do you see how that can really affect you.

I am not saying that most of people who has made it had money but bear in mind that you need to use money in everywhere , transportation , books and sometimes dreams are so hard to be achieved with some of the things are around you and another thing you will need an access to internet to be able to be able to search of the things that you may need to go according to what you want to achieve , so money is playing a huge part on us and making it .

I think if you are really willing to make it through any situation your are facing you can make it , some of people has lost everything but still make it in their lives not because they have all no but it’s all about believing in yourself and what you can do , money has been there but some failed to make it , so money may be a problem but not to everyone , some they are just to lazy to face all kinds and kinds of challenges , so they fail before trying anything.

Study hard and smart

You may notice people studying more years for their degrees and diplomas and some other people may be asking why ,the answer will always be that they want nothing but to make sure that when they are done they will be living to find themselves to work were they always wanted to work , we need to make sure that we are studying any course that will lead you to your dreams to come through and it is always so nice to do what you always wish to do and the effort you’ll give will be amazing.

We need to put focus on what we really want to do and our choices are always against us if we don’t take time to make decisions , because what you wish to become will determine by what you are studying let’s for instead you want to be scientist but you are putting more of your focus on Accounting , do you see how these differs from each other that’s why I need you to think deep on what you really want to do and what you dreams are.

I want you to know what you want to become will determine again by the way you are putting yourself to your studies , I have seen people who are making it through every challenges they’ve been facing and some has used those as their strength to make it , studying hard may be a problem if you don’t do everything smart, and no-one will believe in you than yourself and if you follow your dreams you won’t feel any pain of not sleeping studying because you are studying to make it in life.

Right choices

You and I really need to make sure we are making choices in every step of the way and some other choices may not suit your surroundings but if you need to make those for your benefit , I would totally support you , we all know that not everyone will be happy for us when we are making it ,even when you are done studying don’t allow them to ask you to take a gap year because they might delay some good opportunities for you , let it be your decision about your career and make it a right one.

I know not every choice you’ll make will be a right one but I think if any of the choices you’ll be taking will be more of your career I would want you to give it time and we are talking about fulfilling our dreams and if it’s something you always wanted to do no-one will stand on your way of making it happen , the right way of making it is when you have to ask more of blessings from the parents , in some cases what you are willing to do career wise not all parents understands until the see results on it.

I think choices that always come back with good results will always be the best of them all , we do know that we learn from our mistakes and move on, hence I did say when you are about to take that decision you really need know what you want and think on what you may face on your way and who is going to be there for you when need more of the right direction on making it , and the will be time were you’ll feel like it hard but don’t give up.


We all have what it takes to make it in our lives and dreams may be seems like something which is difficult to be achieved but it is not if you give your time to make it you will , just make your challenges and struggles as your way of making it possible .

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