money can't buy love.

What is love and money?

What is love and money I think these are the questions that we always ask ourselves even though that most of our time we are spending money and loving , some other things are questionable this is like when you spending your money but you are still asking yourself that what is money and what is money doing and what comes out of money and this become a two way thing with and with money , but no money will ever afford to buy love.

This may sound so strange to everyone that money can’t buy love , indeed that will never happen it doesn’t matter how much you have but never thought that your money can buy a worth of love , I can tell you even now if you once hurt someone so hard and you are coming back with a big case with money thinking that they will fail for that , Yes some may fall to your trick but don’t expect them to celebrate with you just that you have brought money as the way of apologizing.

Luxury life

You nice life and luxury things can’t makes everyone fall for you , did you know that you can have everything I mean everything in this world but still struggles to find love and that person whom you’ll love to share your life with , there is something that we people don’t understand is not everything is being fixed by using money and not everyone is after money , because as lady if that guy comes to you and approach you driving that car most of ladies will give you all the attention.

I think this goes to how people are viewing some things and how they see things , most ladies prefer to start everything with a guy from scratch and that’s other feels and that doesn’t they are right , we all wish to live a soft life with us not worrying about anything but how we would be spending money every time we get a choice, some of the things come and go so goes to the nice life we wish to live and finding a person with so much , you’ll get yourself used .

I think many of good and bad things are happening there I barely think these people don’t even stress about life and it’s challenges as they feel like they can buy anything they wish to buy in any way they think possible, no-one else can change the way others think about things except you , it’s within you to do what is right when you find yourself having it all by your side but buying love will never work in our world but people will only use you for your money.


I think it’s everyone who wish to just wake up and go and go out for shopping all kind of things , I can assure you that having money has open so many doors of happiness through everyone in this world question is who doesn’t want to be happy , who doesn’t want to be treated like a King or a Queen everyone wishes that , money can bring people around you but can it buy love , the answer from that will always come with different how and why.

We all want to be loved and have our best times in our lives but nothing feels nicer than not being used by that people who say I love you thinking of what they can do , true colors do com out when a person is struggling to find what they really want from you , bear in mind that you can’t make everyone to appreciate you the way you are and I like to those people who mostly priories their happiness more than others because that’s where we see people getting used because of their kindness.

I think if they truly love you and they want to make you happy they shouldn’t count what they have once you start having an argument because nothing and no-one will ever not even single day tend to afford to buy somebody’s heart because of the worth of money they have , I am not saying that some don’t fall for money because they do and stay with because of what you have , sacrifices they would made to be with just to try and be happy .


You as person need to learn to appreciate the smaller things you are getting because not everyone is getting what you are getting, this thing goes straight to the people who are in a relationship were they feels like they are getting enough of what they need or feels like they deserve, not everyone out there comes with a good purpose to you , some people will just look you from a distance and feels like they want you not loving you and the way of approach will really differs.

I think we all need people who will respect us the way we are with or without money , I know money has become a pillar in our lives and people has seen it and has used to benefit from others, we need to learn to appreciate ourselves before we expect others to appreciate us , it doesn’t matter how how can be no-one is allowed to treat you like you are useless, be in a relationship people who won’t be taking an advantage of your kindness and sweetness.

You need to learn to thank yourself and keep on appreciating yourself through everything and as money cannot buy love , if they don’t see having you is not a good purpose you need to value yourself and leave that relationship, I have seen it happening people tend to park their bags and leave relationships because of the way they are not being appreciated the way they deserve, some would say don’t beg were you don’t benefit at some point you benefiting but the treatment is not go so leave , start afresh.


I will say this to each and everyone wherever you are and whatever you are doing just always know that you life worth more than what they can give to you and you time means more of what they cannot replaced , we all those challenges in life but don’t be fooled by those who comes with money in relationship as that money will never heal broken hearts.

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