What is first aid

The first response to a medical Emergency ,illness or injury and you need to know more about them also called an emergency care given to to a injured or ill person not all situation will be life or death and can also mean difference between a full or partial recovery and or life and death.

How to perform First Aid 100%
I would say it depends on the situation or a condition a person is in , because sometimes a person only have a broken bone needed to be fixed and for a person who know nothing about First Aid will be furious and panic and tend to make things harder than they shouldn’t be

you need to have a bandage to try and rap the broken bone sometimes you won’t be able to see it because we got different fractures e, g Open and Close meaning between these two the is a broken bone which you might see like literally and the other one is so close you won’t be seeing the broken bone until you see it swelling ,but for me the most dangerous is the close fracture because you can’t see anything but a person is busy complaining most about how he/she can’t feel the foot or the arm .

Some cases you will find a person who is struggling to breath and there you need to perform CPR meaning you are to help a person to breath using mouth to mouth to open the Airway to be able to breath not a broken arm person need that we only need it when the person is not moving neither breathing because some are struggling to breath because some is choking them.

What is a CPR

This is one of the process that a person should do when a person has drown , failing to breath you need to close the noses and mouth to mouth three times trying open the airways and pump the chest 10 times, until the person start to breath again, but not every situation needs a CPR because you might be trying to help a person only to find out that a person had a sweet or a carrot stuck to the throat before that person collapse so you need to check in the mouth before performing CPR because you will think that you are helping but killing a person.

Aims of First Aid

Promote Recovery
Prevent for getting worse
Provide Pain relief
Preserve life
Protect the injury from further harm

Types of Injuries

Hand[Fractures like GREEN , CLOSE AND OPEN]
Head and spinal

Social and environmental illness and injuries

Heart attack

Treatment for

Stroke: Lay the patient down with head and shoulders slightly elevated, and never give a person who is seems to be attacked by Stroke anything to drink or eat.
Heart Attack: Immediate treatment for a person who is having a heart attack call for emergency help before to lessen the amount of damage .
Burns: Do not apply any ointments and avoid breaking blisters .
Poisining :Call immediate the emergency if the person is seem to have poisoned or drank the poison.
Choking :Back slaps

This girl has overdose the Drugs by injecting herself ,she really need extra help to clean Drugs in her system.

Causes of Breathing Emergencies

Drugs overdose
Heart attack

Prevent Breathing emergency by;

Take your medication as needed or as prescribed
Take care when you eat or drink
Observe warning signs and avoid hazard

Social and environment illness and injuries

Heart attack

Observe warning signs and avoid hazard, that’s why everything you will see a sign those signs are there for a reason it doesn’t matter how curious are you are you can’t through the water while the is a crocodile sign ,you going there is a death wish, this like trying to beat a red robot because you feel like you are good and fast when comes to driving.

Going to a zoo and the sign says don’t shake the fence and you are there shaking because you want to see what is going to happen and indeed you will get injured not only though with other people by the zoo, no-one will just put a sign just for fun.


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