A healthy diet is a diet that each and every person should be consider of when it comes to what you are eating daily, you don’t need to eat all those fancy food but for the food that will help you and you system

Unhealthy Diet causes


We sometimes enjoy the food we eat that in a way that if you are a diet person you will see that it doesn’t give us the Nutrition that our body is in a need of e, g our body needs VITAMINS and PROTEINS etc.
You definitely need to balance your balance diet

meaning the food you eat in order for you not experience what others people are experiencing ,

we enjoy Junk food unhealthy food and that is really not helping your body and your immune systems, you always ask yourself why your body is always tired and seen to be gaining weight then , you be like ‘I am healthy but your body is saying something else about your body because of what you are eating.

Healthy people

These ones do get sick like everyone else but at the same times they eat healthy food that others are always running away from , these people don’t eat much of a meat but bear in mind few people who doesn’t eat meat not that am saying eating meat is wrong but we got different meat to eat , its each and every person to choose which meat suit you and your body according to a right food.

Most people who are eating fresh food they do prefer also meat but they use steak as their meat mix with nice veggies most of the time, because you can go wherever around the whole but they will always advice you to go for Red meat , which is we all know that it is recommended as the best meat to be eaten by people.

What to eat for a Health Diet

Red meat
We all know that Fruits and Veggies has a lot of vitamins that our immune system and our body is in a need of, you need to know that when going to school or work , gym just a take a one fruit to boost you.
We people don’t prefer to eat the same type of meat some prefer Chicken and some prefer beef , pork either mutton and which is everyone has his or her rights about everything so as also the food to eat , but not that I am saying people should eat Steak but that’s the best one to eat .

I am not saying eating pork or mutton is wrong not at all, but the problem is that if you continues eating those [Fats] you will end up having Obesity and some other diseases will easily catch you as your body is not functioning the way it is supposed to , so that is starting on what you are eating daily because sometimes you are preparing yourself a problem that you will need to fix asap, those fruits and veggies , red meat will do for your body and I guaranteed that.

Unhealthy Diet

Junk food
Lack of fruit and veggies
Lack of Nutrition in your system
Lack of knowledge on what to eat

Junk food-In the back days people would eat healthy food but in nowadays we eat all the food and things we find it good for our stomach forgetting about our health, mixing all types of food to make one meal that is really not helping to boost our immune systems and body.
Lack of fruit and veggies-Through everything that I have said we all know that we really need those nutrition’s in our system in order for us to boost our immune system.

Lack of Nutrition in your body-This is were the problem starts once you find yourself not having Vitamins and Proteins , Carbohydrates in your body or system now know that need to fix something towards what you are eating by that try and adjust your daily meals.

Knowledge on your meal-You can try and research on your own on how to eat or consider my information above and use it and I am 100% sure that it will work for you as much as it has helped me personality ,from the weight I had and how I weigh I have made a huge difference, food I ate and me trying to jog around when I am free really has helped me.

How to keep your immune system in balance

You need to try and jog when you got some free time neither to join some physical activities that will help yourself busy , you don’t need to pay Gym companies to keep yourself and your body shaped , you can wake up and talk a walk to the shops or if it’s dangerous where you are living tryna find people who you can jog with , but some others don’t prefer to jog but they usually open some group activities ,but I personal would prefer you to jog because you won’t be paying anything and you will be using your own Pace.

Most people has already accepted their body as they are but the are some who are in denial but always know that once you find your body always tired and sweating at some times know that you are having a problem.
Some other people they don’t prefer a crowd so I would still prefer them to do something unique ,do some push ups and be the controller of your body, don’t let your body take control of your mind , we also need to eat health I mean you don’t need to buy expensive food just go for Fruits and Veggies.

The environment you are living and their people shouldn’t be an excuse of your unhealthy balance ,sometimes you meet or you are surrounded by group of people who has given up when it comes to the body shapes all i want is let you not be be an example of people who are suffering with Obesity.

You need to priories your body more than everything and take good care of it because if you don’t no-one will do.
You need to be told the truth about something that everything that is happening to your it’s not like you have abusing your body on what so ever or you have been not taking care of it NO it’s only that you didn’t know what to eat and how to take care of your body,

start now and make a huge different not only for you even for people out there who have given and who saying to be happy with their bodies even though they are somehow trying to convince themselves.


By Amanda

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