dreams come through

What are dreams?

I would say a dream is more like a good vision of something you would love to achieve and they are lifetime visions, it’s not like dreaming passing your test and you tend to claim that it’s what you want to achieve nope , here we are talking about lifetime achievements, and other thing no-one will chase your dreams if you don’t you need to get up and make sure what you were doing is keeping your dreams alive and follow them no matter how it takes.

And I am not gonna talk about the Nightmare that some other people are experiencing because by me doing that I would be going off the line of my content , just imagine sleeping at night knowing that you your things are getting to the way you want them to be , it is always so nice to sleep but by you sleeping you be missing good and quality things out there so let’s keep them coming through and sometimes we need to know that we are all different same goes to the way we are chasing them.

Types of things to achieve

Permanent job

House of your dreams

Nice car

Owning your own company

You could see these are not something that you can wake up having hence I was saying a dream is something that has to do with lifetime.

Permanent job

Here you need to study so hard in order for you to have those types of dreams and I’m not saying if you didn’t or haven’t study you can’t have those visions but , you visualize something that’s when you need to take step on it , try to apply a better job that you really qualify for and make use of trying to find what type of person are you and what are your strength and weakness and by you doing that you will find the job you wish to have.

I think sometimes life can be good to others but there are those who need to struggle in order to have a chance to find themselves owing their own businesses , so sometimes to find yourself having way of interacting with people can really help you , some other opportunities come to you before you chase them , and it all start so little then you’ll find yourself where you always wish to be in your life , and you need to know how the economy works and how you can overcome those challenges.

You will feel like to give up your dreams when things are not going your way because sometimes the company your working for is having some problems and those problems can really affect you but you need to stay positive in any situation and you’ll find out that they are retrenching and your mind you’ll be like ‘It’s time to let go , but don’t if that job ids yours trust me you’ll remain there , always be positive and no situation will overcome you if you keep your mind positively.

House of your dreams

I usually dreamt always having that nice house and when I wake always finding it so difficult to accept the fact that I’m still dreaming about , but that is always pushing me no matter I’m doing nothing just to think deep about what to do to find myself having that big and nice house , so that’s when some of us will chase success no matter how bad the situation is ,you need to leave your comfort zone is you really want to achieve something.

But there are those people who are chasing their success in their comfort zone not that I’m saying they are not gonna make it bear in mind that ,we all know that we don’t have to do the same things to achieve some were meant to go the easy way but some the hard way but there is nothing nicer than to achieve your dreams and still think about on how you can make it happen for others who thinks it’s hard to make , sometimes we bless ourselves by what we are doing be the person who give and see how things will be in your life.

I would advise you to go all out if you are willing to have the house of your dreams as much as it is going to be hard but nothing is harder when you are giving the best you can give to achieve it, always remember that no-one is a failure but we do things that we were suppose to do , don’t rush things be patient and work yourself and see how you can make a use strategizing your things , run your race your make it believe me.

Nice car

Let me take you to those days when we were young , do you remember we would count nice car passing by and ‘ SAY THIS WILL BE MY CAR ONE DAY’ so us loving nice car has always been in us and now that we are old enough to drive them or to have them now it tend to be so hard , but it is always within us to have them if we are working very smart to have them we will definitely going to be able to own them and coming being ourselves.

You can picture yourself everyday driving an Porsche but if you don’t act on your dreams nothing will come alive for you, start now and focus on what type of a car you and budget for or move away from were you at if you can see that the salary you are earning is not worth your dreams, not everyone want what you want , so go out there and whatever you’ll be doing do it with passion and strong feeling that you will have what you want.

We all know that how cars can be , most of people died in car accidents because of ruthless drivers and still that doesn’t push us on owing ours things like this happen to anyone but it is so nice to have your own car that you can afford like when you feel like going somewhere you don’t have to bother people by borrowing a car, so lets dream about those nice cars and I promise you will drive them peaceful but let’s start by working for them to have them.

Owning your own company

You can imagine some other things and you can see that they are highly impossible because you don’t trust yourself or you do trust yourself but you need a push on what can you don’t to become a boss of your company that people will report to you and you in charge of the company and everything has to do with the business they are calling you first , it’s nice imagination I know and can become a reality, just looking around and say I’m proud of myself for making it.

Whatever you think is impossible it is possible if you give yourself time and do what you think is best for and other people , meaning tryna understand people first and find a way to make a business plan and go and register your company and become a person you wanna become and I won’t be lying to you but the are challenges that you need to overcome in order for you to be happy in this economy , inflation can really affect your company .

You need to know that if you want your things to work try by all means to have a relationship with the people you are working with , because no-one want to work for boss who is always grumpy no matter how things are , let them respect you as much you are their boss but try be so hard on them as much as they need the job , you are also needing them to make a production in your company .


It doesn’t matter how other people seems your dreams and how they don’t believe in them , you need keep your focus on making it not because of them but because it’s something you truly believe in and how it makes you happy and some of our parents don’t usually agree with our dreams because some of them doesn’t make sense to them , but always chase them till you find yourself becoming what and who you want to become.

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