How to raise an orphan

What is an orphan

What is an orphan ,an orphan some will describe this as an animal or child , a person who has lost the parents literally someone who has no-one else to rely on , no family , no relatives just a person who is living the of loneliness and at all times , some of people end up in the orphanages and some kids are being adopted by people who can afford to keep them safe from any of things which are happening, most of the reasons that makes children and elder to be orphan is death.

You need to know that no-one has applied to be an orphan but hence I did say that death can be a real main reason , just imagine that time we were experiencing covid-19 some we have lost most of our people parents , family members has left us and leave us having no hope of making it in life , just imagine both parents died and left children alone , no it’s now to us to teach them how to live life with any regrets and try and find peace.

You really need to raise them with kindness and respect that you have , no-one who love to see their children being raised by people who doesn’t show respect and another thing a child is really fast when it come to learning things which are not productive so you need to raise a child with love and care for them while to are teaching them how to take of themselves in the future because sometimes you won’t be there for them to take decisions so they need to know what to do.

What do you think these people needs?


We people all need to be loved and love bought a lot of people together and I surely believe that if you have find people who will love you the way are is always dream, I know for a child who know nothing about being adopted it will take time foe them to understand and adapt to a new family and so it’s up to us to try and give them the love I would say they deserve , bear in mind people deserve to be love in any of the situation they have been through.

It is always so nice to have find people who are willing to be there for you through everything , this similar with a person who is parenting a step child , you actually need to try by all means to in their shoes so that you’ll understand that what is bothering them and what do need , have an open relationship with them , the more love you’ll be giving to them , will give them a reason to live to see another day, no-one has to live their own lives with regrets but that love will build them to become who they want to become.

We need to raise them with love and give them the reason to live , there is nothing feels painful than to loose the people who you really love because of death, and at the same time to raise a child who you never thought of having a relationship with it’s really hard but you need to obey and have a way of giving them your time and attention in order for them to always feel free to be able come out and talk about their inner thoughts but love will always lead a way of doing things right.


There are a lot things that comes from that word or that word can describe a lot of things , it has to come from the heart if you’ll be saying you are caring for a person or an animal we all need people who will care for us , just imagine sometimes you have to raise a child and on top of that u don’t have your own , now you’ll have to learn more of the things that you haven’t experience , learn to love them as yours and care for them as they are your own .

I think and believe that once you shown them that love and appreciating in whatever they are doing that will help you and their relationship because they will be so much understanding between you too, to make them feel your love always give them a chance to talk and come out with whatever they thinks and that will make them to understand that they are real part of the family by you doing that doesn’t spoil the relationship but you are building it.

I think everyone needs to be treated equal and doesn’t mean who they are but showing the love and care can make you have a bound with a stranger , you need to raise an orphan and care for them hence I did that we don’t just decide to be left alone or people to abandoned , I know it’s not easy but those people deserve love and to be taking care of the way you also need to be cared for , let’s not judge them but let’s try by all means to show them that you are there for them.


There are certain things that most of the orphan needs like for a child who still need that guardian around them , you’ll need to give them , try and sit down and teach them how life may be sometimes not that every time everything will be smooth but the are ups and downs and luckily for them , who has been there in the world will hate to go back there to be alone , you need to teach them how to respect and care of the surrounding in order for them to be welcome in the environment they are in.

I know sometimes you’ll find a disrespectful or quiet child who barely speak and you are there to make sure that they are speaking , did you know that a person can change not because they want to change but being there for them can make them realize that it is worth it to talk about the problems than to keep them to yourself because by you keeping quiet it doesn’t come with any solution but making things worse and not only for you but also for the people around.

You need to know that you are ready to raise a child that is not even yours who they didn’t even want to elsewhere with parents or family members but life has it’s decision about all of us , because you’ll never know who you raising and life may surprise you and I strongly believe that a child is a blessing and try and teach them about life and it doesn’t matter how rich or poor you seem but knowing how life can change can help you to always be ready for any problem that you can come across with.


We people are living our lives so different from each other and this goes to the way we raise our children it is really different , most of the children are not being thought to respect but they always look out from the parent who raise them on what to to do or what to say , our schools doesn’t have those lessons were they teach all about respect , raise your child with respect and you will see how bless you are ,even though you have to take care of an orphan by you to raise them with that ability to know what is right and what is wrong will build bright future leaders.

By Watson

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