Forgive and Forget

What is meant by Forgive and Forget.

What is meant by that ,it only means that you as a person need to let go of some other things and bad memories in order to find peace in your life like other people , but I can assure you that it’s never easy when you feel like whatever they did to you they did it purposely not by mistake because you’ll be life with question that will lead you on checking the part you have played in their lives.

It doesn’t how big it can be but the pain is a pain and most of people really don’t understand we are not the same and how we handle our deepest thoughts and pain are not the same, I have been played and used in my life and those people never care of coming to me and make me understand why they did what they did and said to me ,but I have been tough and tried to understand that some things are never meant to be and move on.


This is the biggest part that we need to find ourselves dealing with in order for us to heal from any of the heartbreaks we are going through believe me you not everyone will really go through everything with some will pretend to be there whereas they feel like you are just a waste and you are failing to handle things by your own not knowing that you are going through so people will not understand you until they went through the same things you going through.

I now know why most of people tend to keep quiet when they feel like they are going through a lot in their bear in mind you can’t be going around telling people what you facing in your life and expecting them to understands you , I would say some will feel pity for you and will have a willingness of helping you and only if they understand you deepest feelings towards what you are going through , you firstly need to forgive yourself and try and let go.

I did say that not everyone will understand you pain but some will do but bot everyone hence I’m saying this forgive yourself first before you expect us to feel free to talk to you about everything , the way people tend to pretend to understand the pain is the say way that you need to expect anything from them because some we pretend to be there for you even though they are there to laugh and make a joke of your pain so expect anything as long as you came out about the pain your heart.


I bet that there is nothing feels better than to try and forgive everything that has been happening around you that makes you feel like you never matters and you will see how things turned for better , some will tell you to seek for a closure but that doesn’t usually work but brings sore in your life because we do know that truth hurts and we tend to seek for it knowing very well how it does to us , just imagine spending years with person then after break up you demand closure only to find out your were never loved.

There are things that if we do they don’t bring peace in our lives forgiving yourself will bring peace in your life and it doesn’t matter if you were wronged by a person or you did them wrong asking for forgiveness will help you to heal the wound and give a way to be able to have a good way of moving on with your lives and it doesn’t make anyone weak for apologizing and ask to be forgiven what so ever , so we all need to swallow our pride and bow and apologize to find peace in our lives.

To all those who feel like to forgive and forget is for those who are cowards to face reality I can’t agree or disagree on that but people need to consider more of their happiness than to be feel pride and moving on with their lives before making peace on whatever happen in their past before past will always haunt us everywhere we go.

Let go

I think for people who doesn’t know what you are go through will be easy for them to ask you to let go go of a person or pain you are going through until they find themselves in your shoes and that’s when they will feel the pain your are in , and not that I’m saying people asking you to let go it’s wrong not it’s definitely not but they need to know what is it that is not giving you peace in order for them to really understand that you are in pain and you can’t just wake up and be alright.

Sometimes I personally feels like it doesn’t matter how happy you were and willing were you to work things and how good are the memories but letting ho will also help you to build up the inner trust you once had for yourself , the is nothing wrong on holding the good memories as our organs are so cruel to let go even though it’s hard for us [Heart and Brain] so your body may feel like it’s enough but your mind will still bring your back were you were.

It is one of the easiest word to say LET GO but it’s not really easy to do that , you will see people go Psychologist help and you think they are just wasting time and money but it’s because they are going through pain and sore in their lives but you won’t understand that until you experience the same thing that they are experiencing that’s when you’ll know that , people are there are facing life difficulties in the own lives because of what others are doing to them.


I want you to remember one thing we are not same and we can’t experience the same things and God has his own purpose for you and me so never think that when you are facing thing and tend to think that you are alone , because what I’m going through may be smaller than what you are going through but always know that you are wealthy the pain , happiness it’s all what we want but not everyone is there to make us happy.

By Amanda

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