multimedia and their opportunities

What is multimedia?

Multimedia I would say it is the mix of many things in order to come with something will make a use of sense, so many people would be saying I want to go and study all of the courses they desires to study , I one wanted to to go for acting that’s what I wanted to do , as I was young loving acting feeling that I will be able to make it there to the top actor and I tried to apply for it but somehow I failed to make it there until I realize that the are a lot of platforms there that I should have learnt more about, it is always so good to find yourself using multimedia.

You have to know what you really need or what to do there , if you are good in mixing the pictures and and audios in the computer in order to come with something , I mean multimedia bring talents together to make something that will worth more of it before it was made , just imagine if you are good in drawing and you will find yourself qualifying to make it there to one the best , but bear in mind you need to give yourself time to achieve some other things , this platform bring people together for one purpose creativity.

Media opportunities

I can tell you this because I know how is like to go and study for something you think you good at , I know doing something that you are passionate about can be a real push in your life than to be busy doing something that you don’t like but because you earning from it , so if some of people are willing to go for media just go for it if you feel like the are more on it , and you believe in yourself that you’ll make it and we treat these as our life time careers to achieved.

I think as hard as it is to make it there for some of us this is what we always dream of doing , it doesn’t matter how long it takes to make it there but people once they find themselves there they hardly let go even though so of them may seem not permanent but just imagine you having a skills of of mixing different audios to make a nice sounds then you give yourself a chance to go and explore more of what you think was just something you enjoy doing than a career.

This platform has taught many people on how to deal with many of there problems in generally and how some of the activities they are doing behind has helped them before they are reaching to other people outside , like for instead acting you learn how to become the person you are not and continue doing the best you can , graphics has helped many on seeing their own images on the paper or their walls and sounds mix just everything that comes on your mind can make great music .


To other people this may seems like just a course when they are about to go and and study it but the are some who are treating as their careers so this differs on how others are seeing it ,we all have those family members were when you about to take some of the courses they wouldn’t allow or may be a joke if you’ll be going there to study graphics or acting it may sounds like you’ll be just wasting their money on something that is not a real career but believe me you multimedia is a place to be.

We need to know that what we love to do and what we would love to do for the rest of our lives may not be the same , not everyone wishes to sit down by their desks and work but some prefer to just keep moving and making themselves happier by their doings, not all of us love the same things many of using can us multimedia to achieve as I’ve said we are all different even by the way we see things and act towards them is different, as also our destines are not the same .

Your purpose in life may not be the same with mine and a lot of things are happening around us most of us has be struggling in our lives and we want nothing but a quick life and money to try and adjust what we need to adjust based on what we facing in that moment , so to some people what you think can make you smile may not be what they want you to do , follow you heart on everything that you want to do and make sure you are the best of it.


You really need to know what you want before finding yourself in that industry many people will praise you with what you are doing not everyone will be happy with you when you are progressing as much as some sees you wasting your time when you trying to make it happen for yourself , you will meet all these kinds and kinds of people who will want to make things they are not right but because you are expose to things you’ll fail to do some and some you’ll do .

I know many people once they feel like they have made it also their behaviors changes because the money has played a part in their life and sometimes we tend to blame money in most cases but not everyone is being controlled by the money , most of people you’ll see their true colors shinning after they have made it , what makes that is always a case of many struggles they have been facing that is their chance to make people realize who they really are .

I think us by completing our studies in multimedia has nothing to do with us misbehaving after we finish , these types of behaviors are always within us but needs to be exposed, multimedia is a place where you have to know more of what you want to do in life and how others may react towards other things.


Multimedia is a career to others and to others may be just a waste of time and if you really wish to achieve something it’s either art or drama multimedia it is always a right place to be in any part of the skills you want to show, there you’ll will find all kinds of people with different skills which some you never thought existed that’s multimedia .

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