What is Love?

Love is a deepest feeling that always comes from the deepest of our hearts , we people mostly differ from the way we would describe this word I think it’s because every person would describe it by the experience a person has experience from it , but it is just a word some would say but it has it’s meaning , if you ever felt taking care of or being loved you will really know the word is not just word but the feeling that when it heats you , it really bring joyful moments of your life.

This word has brought many of people so many of the good memories and it has made some of them to regret the word , this word in most of couples has always come with sacrifices and consequences that some just decided to never fall again , this word has brought families and friends together as one , you can just imagine what this word can do to the whole nation if we can learn to be there for each other at all times.

Great memories

The is nothing more beautiful than to share your heart and good memories with you person and this love goes all in different people you can share this with your partner and your family , strangers by you doing something that pleases your heart with people you really care of , it has left more of people with good memories that will never shades, hence I did say that this word will come with more of you giving the best you can give not to make a statement but just to share what will always makes you smile.

I think some other things were made to happen and if you feel being love those are the words that will always drives you on doing what is good , some memories will always makes you feel like you can cry because of how good were those moments, it’s always good to give yourself to everything that you are doing , about me I will definitely going to live good memories to my family and the people who only know me as just me, please try and create great memories to everyone .

Sad and sore

I think when it comes to love , you need to know what you will be facing through that journey not all people will love you the way you feel like like you deserved to be loved, some of them will bring sad and sore in your life and you need to be strong to face everything that comes on your way, families will brings tears in your and they will break your heart in so many times and treat you like a crash that you really feel like you don’t value on anything.

You really need yourself in everything you are going through , advise yourself , comfort yourself people may not understand what you are going through than they’ll act like they do. You need to go through things in order for you to find that most of people will hurt you so badly just make sure that you not getting your happiness, there are those days when you’ll feel like love is not meant for you were people you love will hurt you so badly so love will come with sadness and sore.


I would say some of people has given up when it comes to falling in love , just imagine sharing all what you have a person , living in your dreams , making sure that you really take care of your relationship ,I mean if you have a problem with each other you sit down and talk just to make sure that everything is okay and you tend to forgive each other , but from all that only to find out your partner was never faithful to you from the word go .

I think once you find all of that , that’s when you tend hate love and the people who would be telling you how they feel about you , bear in mind not everyone is there to hurt you and play by your feelings but I mostly understand because I once there not even once so many times when you feel like you are useless and not enough from others , sometimes you just need to sit down and find out what went wrong but don’t beat yourself from your relationship that didn’t work , not everyone will appreciate you the way you are.


Life is life but both of these two are always relevant , in life the will be that time were you be struggling to finding good things , and sometimes it doesn’t matter how beautiful and handsome are you ,good things comes from the deepest of your heart and connect with you mind and it doesn’t matter how others are seeing it once you fall in love ,it’s always not easy to let go.

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