building a healthy minds

How to build a healthy minds

People are created in a very same way but the only difference will be the way they think and act towards things which are happening around them , every situation has it’s solution so that means the are tools that we need to build a healthy person.

Self love
Listen then response


You need to teach your child from the early age how to respect people neither old or young , teach a person a manner on which the should be treating people ,once you raise a child with respect believe me you , you have made a huge difference from other parents, sometimes you don’t need people to respect you in order for you to respect them.

Some other people were never raised the way you raised in your manner so if you a child and you keep on showing people respect and they don’t show you respect ,don’t worry about that hence I’m saying we were never raised in the same way so you are not wrong but it’s the way they are.

Respect it’s a key that can help a person and open good opportunities , bear in mind no companies will be able to keep a disrespectful
person , respect yourself first before you expect respect from other people e, g you are working as Cashier from any big shops trust me if you treat people with respect that’s when other people will rather be in a long queues just to be serve by you because of the love and respect with care you are giving them.
You don’t have to respect those rich people but you need to treat every person equally.

Self love

Honestly the is nothing more nicer than as a parent you busy teaching your children how they should love themselves make sure they know the important of ‘loving yourself before you expect people to love you’.
You first need to be neat and the way you present yourself is also important , no-one can love you the way you should start loving and appreciating yourself , let it be different the way you do things .


You need to make sure if you are about to address something at work or at school that you are ready and you have prepare yourself and if you love yourself that will work and no matter how you presented your thing people will still love you even though they are not agreeing to facts but the fact that u love yourself will say a lot to them.


You never wrong if you are loyal to the people you love and trust, but at the same time some others will try to test you just to see how loyal are , also as a parent you need taech a child how to be loyal but some things are needed to be ignore and act like you don’t them and there are those who will test your loyalty but it’s definitely within you ton forget or to act like you have forgotten what you parents has thought you .

I would be so happy we could have those lessons were the child and parent will sit down and analysis the important of loyalty ,first they should try and trust themselves when it comes on doing and saying things before they should act towards them , it doesn’t have to be strictly when it comes to teaching about as situations are not the same.


My best tool to find your life in peace also my best way to respond to a conflict or a fight , sometimes it’s not like you are wrong or something but you are tring to avoid the fights and unnecessary arguments just to say SORRY can save more lives , just imagining a being a parent who has raised that child or person .

You need to know this saying sorry doesn’t make you a wrong person or the person who has started whatever it is e, g fight or conflict.
It will always be a good thing to say I’m Sorry some people they don’t say sorry no matter what situation and how wrong are they and I have never blamed that person that’s the way they are , most of relationships will last long because people has tend to be open and say sorry if they’re wrong to their loved ones and saying I’m am sorry has never kill a person but has saved lives.


We all need to teach our friends and family to be thankful no matter how small things are but appreciate them because someone there is in a need of them , this goes to parents out there this also something that you can teach your children at the early age that they should say thank you when they’re are given something.

I honestly think once you raised a child that will appreciate the small things you are giving them ,that I promise you , you have raised a good child once your child start by not judging the weight of the things you are giving to them know that you have done something to your child that will go along way with them in future.
It doesn’t mean when you are poor you can’t raise a good and appreciating child bear in mind once the child start to appreciate every small things you are giving , that means that your child has accepted who he/she is .

Listen and then respond

We need people who will listen and then respond and rare to find that because people think they know everything and sometimes they assume before the other person finish what he/she is saying just imagine we had 100% of people who would listen first before they act , because sometimes if you don’t listen and understand can cause a problem for you at work/ school because of you assuming that a person is about to say this not that.

Let’s for instead you are a Cashier and you are serving a customer then the customer is here by your till to pay groceries of R250.00 and wait I’m still deciding by you seeing that the customer is having cash on his hand and you tend to do cash before asking a customer what kind of payment will a customer use and only to find out the customer wasn’t sure and you are already done with the transaction and customer just say

‘USE MY CARD I WILL NEED TO USE THIS CASH ELSEWHERE’ and now you are just confused on what to do and the customer start to cause a scene and it will never go well for you because the third person will ask how did that happen and to be honest the customer was totally right.

[in order for you to have a good communication with other people please listen to them before you respond or act]

By Amanda

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