We are all people but the only difference about us is the color of our Skin , that’s the only difference, you can see a rich and poor person person from a mile away but never judge a book by it’s cover.

We don’t believe in one God , everyone has it’s God to praise neither to believe in ,
most of blacks from the African continent they strongly believed in their own Ancestors,
which is that is not a bad thing to do bear in mind each and every person has he/her own right and strongly believe that no-one is should be going around judging other others
my decision about my life it’s my decision .

I mean no-one even a president can come with you and your decision about your life.
Indians they strongly believe in Allah, some of the countries would worship the Lamb as their God.
Most of people believed in JESUS as their God some ILLUMINATE but i wouldn’t go more about the Illuminate deep.

The reason why you won’t be seeing people who are affording in rural areas it’s because they have belief that only poor people are to stay there,
but that’s what they think or see things and we can’t blame for that .
The same thing that disadvantage people has also been believing in is that ,
if you want to build up your life and better knowledge you don’t need to stuck in rural areas.

Rural Areas-This is were some of people were born from but not that they hate it there No and
another thing there is that they even have nice Agricultural but they are lacking more of the knowledge on how to use it,
the are also big farmers there but still everything is too slow to make a progress.

They use their gardens and Farmers as their way of living and their way of saving the money they have.
They don’t spend much of their money on some other things e.g. if they need Meat they do have chicken there to
slaughter and as goes to Milk they have cows to milk , while their gardens are full of Fruit and Vegetables.

Suburb Areas-This is the place that everyone wouldn’t mind coming at stay in , those people who are rich are staying there
some they started by staying in townships but when good things comes for them they started to upgrade their own life to
nice places and expensive one like for instead if you are from South Africa the place to be is SANDTON,
those are are one of the nicest place to be.

Townships Areas-Those are kind of people when they see people from rural areas ,they see themselves better and it’s rare to find i mean
it’s rare to find rich people if there is it’s 10% but the rest are better than others because of their life style and they are affording,
and it’s their wish to find themselves in suburb areas, so everything in life got stages so them being in a township they feel that they are close to nice places than rural people.

Those are the people when if something is happening e, g Robbery they can kill for their township meaning being caught doing dirty things you dead.
I remember years back in one of the townships called DAVEYTON around 2015 the was a big gang there those boys were killing people like nobody’s business,
until the people come together to finish that but now it’s nice quiet.

Life Style of people and Poor people

Life style of Rich people

The people who has made it in life who are living their lives like nobody’s business , some they do respect but some left their respect back there where grow up and honestly their lives is so quick and easy
because they don’t need anything money is working wonders for them , they don’t go to the garden or farmers when they need something but they just spend money they buy Milk and Meat and it’s somehow the way they are living their lives.
They probably when they want to cook some things they google for some nice recipes to use.

Those ones they don’t just eat just because they want to eat , they eat nice and expensive food, they like healthy food like green salad and they are so good at noticing the right and wrong in their product they are buying most of them they are using Woolworth as their trusted brand for food , fast that what they also prefer most of the time and they make sure they have Gym companies in in order for them to keep their body shaped.

They prefer healthy food at the same time some they are mixing between fast and their diet one thing is that fast food doesn’t contain more of the nutrition’s we are in a need of.
The way money is so beautiful some of them they have their own doctor to attend them whenever they are sick , nice beautiful big houses, they don’t just go to any mall when they want to do a shopping their lives is so nice and simple.

Life style of Poor people

The best way to raise your child minds you need to have those people , they might struggle according to other people but they have a way of living their nice life like others and they are healthy and strong as it is so rare to find them sick at the early because the eat raw fresh fruits and straight to the soil and the meat they are eating is so so fresh.

They might not have big Malls but some few big name shops or super markets, they don’t usually suffer when it comes to diseases.
Poverty has played a lot people and that has made most people to do whatever it takes to stop much as some countries in Africa they are still suffering because their government , where some other people can’t even afford to buy seeds to starting planting veggies .

Advantages of Rich people

Fast life
Affordable life style
Exploring the world

Luxury clothes and Cars , houses

Advantages of Poor people

Fresh food
Good agricultural
Less spent

Disadvantages of Rich people

Lack if infrastructure
Diseases e, g Diabetes
Some lacks respect

Disadvantage of Poor people

Lack of knowledge
Struggling to fulfil their dreams
Poor education



By Watson

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