Story of my life.

What is a story?

Story of my life I will be telling the ups and downs of what have been coping with more of challenges that my childhood has been , sometimes we tend to see people going through things but if you have never face challenges in your life you won’t understand , but now I want to take you to a journey of a young black man who grow up in a area were the was no access of anything internet ,television and phone everything they would do to survive would to plant .

I personally know very well how it feels like to sleep without food and wake up without food , were that you’ll dream of all the nice things , but sometimes having parents who would push you to school no matter how difficult the life is , those days school fees was expensive more because of the value of the money , so they would push you to go to school no matter what because they strongly believe that education can open most of people’s doors.


We all have our differences when we grow up and some of the families around us had their challenges they were facing but mine and my siblings were more , the only time we would feel part of children we were growing up with would be that time , when we go to the rivers just to swim and do our activities but when have to go home , we will have to think whether we will find food or not so it was just our lives but through everything we believe that one day we will make it.

My parents would ask us to go to church every Sunday and even during the week , my mother really believed that nothing will be conquered without a pray , so everything we did we would pray to God to open doors for us in future , we only had one shoe the one we would wear at school , my mother was selling fruits in the street just to try by all means to keep us living , hence said our neighbors had their own things television and food to eat .

I was so good when it comes to sport I would go province to province because of the sport and everything seems so nice for me , thinking that sport will most definite open door for me , I have seen people saying they have achieved through sport everything is going to change and I will make sure that my parents are living the better life they both deserve but things has always been failing through everything I would touch.

Self esteem

I had to do whatever it takes to hide my pains in front of people , they way I would pretend you would say I am totally happy but no , sometimes some people will test you and how you really feel about certain things , this has always a case of how you handling people who want bring you down more because they know you situation ,it always strike so hard when seeing people who am growing with having more of the things I hardly can afford.

I think what has helped is that I was never a quiet person from the word go so people would bring everything in me , But I have never bow down not to anyone but my God. Just imagine the thing we were so good at as my siblings we would make sure that we passing our grades so that we may push ourselves for a bright future that our parents are building us for , so people tend to hate us because we were coming from this low life family but we would make our parents happy.

We all know that as a child you you obey whatever what you are told by people in your family but its up to you as child to take what you want to take and leave what you think won’t build you , but I always thank and appreciate what I was told because who am I today is what I was told nothing else , no parent would want to see a suffering or not progressing in life ,respect is needed to be earn by anyone but some other people are abusing that .


In my life after I finish school I immediately find a job , my cousin was in one of the biggest companies so I find myself working there for more than 2years and it was never a good place to be but because I knew where I coming from I stayed there more of years which some other people decided to leave because of the treatment that we were giving everyday by our bosses and the employees who has been there, for me it was so hard until I resigned .

I think after I left I stayed more than 3 years without no work and I had to do something and that time I was staying with my brother and he would do whatever it takes to find me a job and give me money to go and submit my CV’s all over just to keep me busy and at last it worked and I now work in a retail and dealing with different people but it doesn’t bother me as I like people and I meet people who would know the struggles we are facing and try to show me many ways to keep me going.

I know one thing and most of people know that , people who are working in retails are not being recognized but other people because we don’t earn much so that’s why people disrespect us because they know our status when it comes to how much are we earning , so people has approach me by many ways of making money and fix my financially problems but everything needs time and I don’t have time as every time I am always tired.


Many things has happen in my life and every challenge has tend to be lesson in my life , most of still see me useless as they have always been looking down in me , I live my life knowing that everything which is happening to me will definitely pass.

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