what are the most difficulties in life

What are difficulties

In life we all know that most of us don’t face the same difficult times , some they make it before they reach the stage were they are in an stage were they are not allowed to live without their parents but life did the best for them ,while some others take time to achieve because of what others are facing , mine might be worse than you or the other way round but we all face difficulties in our lives, those ups and downs we are facing the mostly called difficult times.

This is also differs the way we handling our problems in public and also when we are alone but most people faces depression when they feels like the problems are beyond their power ,so the way you dealing with yours is not same the way I’m dealing with mine.

Types of difficulties in life





This one of the most , I mean most of the things that other people would say IT IS MAKING THE WORLD ROUND it doesn’t matter where you are from but money will always be a problem in our lives and the time you got it always remember that it doesn’t have a value in nowadays as things are expensive.

Just imagine that everything we need to do needs money so you are working or not it has become the same and I always say to people around that money doesn’t love us and we can’t do most of the things without it. So you rather deal with people than to try and win a battle against money, we might face all those problems in life but the are those problems that has to resolved by money and it is always tough to deal with that .


You got yourself a family that loves you so much in a way that they would do anything for when you are in a need of some , and they wouldn’t matter what you are in a need of but you got them as your backup , just imagine of them pass away , how are you going to deal with that pain , so it’s really going to be so hard for you to deal with everything else after that loss.

Remember only God who knows our strength and weaknesses by you always panicking about what has happen to you and which is, everyone is experiencing the same pain you are facing but the way we react from them is not the same and another people come and go and we don’t when will it be our time to pass ,

So dealing loss is so not easy because the people you lost will never come back so that one it is not easy to deal with.so it is the most hardest time in your life


You and I knows very well that nothing has always been easy when it comes to falling and making a person to fall for you , people got types and also stands , let’s assume you find yourself loving a person so deeply only to find out along you two never meant to be just remember those memories you had together but you need to let go , but people who has never been in love won’t know that feeling.

The only thing that now you need to do is to be busy asking yourself some questions, but honestly it’s not but it’s the second person in relationship and that break up will take time for to heal and try to move on from that position you are in.

And when it comes to people die and some left being depressed so it’s one of the most painful time in life that you have to live your life without that person you really wishes to spend your rest of life with and some of them will just drag you from were you are you and put you in a place maybe you never wanted to be.

But one of the things I have learnt or noticed is that all the challenges and problems we are facing come and go , what we all need t o do is to remain strong no matter what situation we facing our lives.

We all failed somewhere in their lives but we still looking forward and learn from our mistakes and move on .We lost people we love and fall bankrupt most of the times and fail to fulfill our goals but we still alive to make it in life..

By Watson