people when they feel alone and abandoned

Why is that most people feel like they’ve failed in their lives , after they sense that they have been abandoned.

Feeling embarrassed

In life you will face challenges in a way that you will feel like you are failure each and every person has a phase to pass before reaching to were they want to be in life, I have been treated like an idiot in my life but I have never give through everything , I mean relationship wise has been the worst times in my life but having a strength that I will make it one day has helped me.

We need to be clear about something in life that we are not going same things in the same time. I have been asked to attend different interviews in different places but most of them were not legit nor good for me but just image going to an interview a friend then they don’t call you to work , it is always painful but I have pass that.

High hopes

Most of us , we hate to fail and always putting our hopes high on whatever we desire to achieve but forgetting that some other things are not meant for us , I can tell you more of the examples of that , let’s assume ‘tomorrow you’ll be writing a exam or driving lesson then you study so hard’ only to find out from everything you studied 10 % just come out , so you can see that before you even write ,you feel like you have failed.

People are scared of taking risks because some they know that some things are so easily to fall , hence they will say leave a space for disappointed but this is usually being used to relationship wise, It doesn’t make who you are but you need to try and reduce your hopes mostly when dealing with people because you’ll never know what other people are viewing some things or seeing them.


This is one of the most painful stage that a person needs to find way out from , not all people will be happy for you and your success , the are those people who’ll find it so hard to be happy with you and your greatest things. No-one is a failure doesn’t matter where you are coming from and your background shouldn’t be your excuse of failing to achieve your goals people always come from being discouraged not only by friends even social media , once you people see your weak point they are always finding it easy to put you down no matter how confident are you on what you are doing.

Life it’s own has all the challenges that a person should be facing , so everyday you will find a challenge it doesn’t who your even though it’s not financially wise but challenges are always there , some people feel like being rich you can’t find challenges but honestly they do face challenges believe me you, some of those challenges are discouraging them to do wise decisions on whatever they are going through.

Lack of knowledge

The most of people around the world will tell you one thing that EDUCATION IS A KEY TO SUCCESS and I really can’t argue with that because it has helped 90% of people global but it depends on where you are because the are those people who are highly educated but their backgrounds are always their disadvantage to achieve their goal, some are educated but they fail to work or to find themselves working in their dreams jobs so like has been unfair to most of people, sometimes you tend to study years and years only to find out that the job you are studying for is not in demand so we all need to make sure that whatever we are studying is in demand, lack of knowledge is something that has kill our goals and success, make a use of focusing on what you desire to do.


In life it doesn’t matter how you think or view things on your perspective but the will always that thing you will struggle to do and you’ll need people to help you. some say ‘THE BIRDS MAY FLY THROUGHOUT THE WIND BUT THEY STILL GO DOWN AND BOW TO DRINK WATER’

By Watson

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