What is Health in generally knowledge

Health is a state of complete Mental, Social , Physical , Environment and Spiritual well-being and not merely of absence of diseases. It is a fundamental human right and that the possible level of health is the most important worldwide social goal realization requires other sectors e, g Economics and Social as well as the Health sector.

But today I will talk more about Depression .

What is a Depression

We call this or consider it as a Mental illness dealing with your emotions

What are the causes of Depression

Having too much problems you are failing to handle.
Broke up
Losing the one you loved.
Failing to accept your health problems
Financial problems
When things are working according to your plans
Being fired at work or when they suspend you at school
Losing something that worth more in your life e, g company

Signs of a person with Depression

Always complaining about their problems.
Anger issues
Feeling of hopelessness and worthlessness
Losing weight but some tend to gain weight.
Having sleepless nights
Some always feel like life is not worth living.
Always feeling angry
Always blaming yourself for everything wrong that is happening around you.
Slow speech and body movements
Some you will find talking alone like they are losing their minds.
They are always in emotional e, g cries and irritable.

How do they react to a problem

Some of them commit suicide or always thinking that suicide is their better way of dealing with whatever they are going through.
Some of them prefer to talk.
Some will tend to write their problems down.
Some try by all means to avoid sound and being around people.
Watch the Television and tryna read magazine
Some will doing drawings and singing

The thing about about them is that everything they thing is that life is unfair for them because you never been there , it’s so painful it’s a wound that is so not easy to heal deals with emotions and people won’t know what you are going through because they don’t see the pain you are going through. Dealing with a problem that you’ve been through but it doesn’t seem to be having a solution it kills a person and worse part you don’t have people around you to help you.

Let’s assume that you have lost your parents and you are trying to deal with that then along the way obvious you won’t be 100% coping through your studies or your work at school you are always failing your studies .

This is a disease that we tend to lose our loved ones , no-one knows the pain of lost until you find yourself having it and it doesn’t have anything to do with you and not taking care of yourself like the diseases like HIV and STI were people would be saying you were sexual active or what so ever so you can’t get this disease because of all the sexual activities those people with STI’s been doing, as stress will always lead you somewhere as I’ve said to my other post.

Some other diseases they don’t care how much good or perfect neither strong you are but once you find yourself being told that you have been over stressing that’s when you’ll be starting asking yourself some question like HOW ARE YOU GOING TO DEAL WITH YOUR PROBLEMS I mean you will be having all those questions you can’t answer.

It doesn’t matter sometimes whether you have people you can talk to but if the problem is still there , it will definitely take time for to heal because some other problems are not the same, but i would deal with it in your way and that will suit you but if you feel like its not helping , there are people there who have been in your situation and they can help

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