What makes you different from other people

What is a difference

It’s something which is not similar from others or a person’s uniqueness of doing things or the way you don’t act or do things like other people that’s the way you tend to be different from others. I will be trying to explain some of the main differences


Sometimes it has helped many of us by having our own personalities because you tend to be different from others , not everyone is willing to do things according to others unless you are at were you are asked to do one task but even though it’s like that the will be that person who would prefer to work all alone not because that person is feeling like he/she is clever better but that’s the way others are born to do things.

You will find yourself meeting people who drinks and go out now and then and you share more things with then but if you like you don’t wanna go out and drink you won’t be doing because that’s the way you are and no one will ever change you for who you are not for who you pretend to be, sometimes that’s when you will see how dangerous and aggressive kind people are when they are hurt and sad because they are not used to bothering people but once they feel like that they had enough they explode so don’t try and change people’s personality because you think you better.


be kind

One of the peaceful people in this world finding a kind person it’s so not easy , people who are willing to give even though they are less giving , those people smile no matter what they are going through and one of the commonly thing about them they’re easily get hurt because to them they want nothing else but to see people happy around them.

This is so similar to people who are happy to see people happy sharing jokes to try and help others to forget what they are going through in their, they don’t get angry or sad unnecessary but once you see then hurt know that they are in a need of you.

Being rude

being rude
These kind of people they really don’t care what you are saying because to them everything they feel like doing they do it , in nowadays you will think that our parents aren’t teaching us but it’s because we tend to give attention most of things that are not giving the fruitful education we need, if you can notice back to those days you wouldn’t find a boy or girl smoke neither public or privately because the had manners of you need to respect yourself before respecting people who are passing by.

For me associating with people who are rude and disrespectful it’s not right that I am taking decisions for you but you need to know where you come from and try not to be rude either in front of people or not

Sense of humor

The way you will you think and willing to do things will always be different because you don’t like others , sometimes you do things on you mind before them doing them practically, those are the people don’t usually use their powers to get their job do but make more of using their brain to compete things.

They are intelligent they don’t like working hard to achieve things they are always looking forward on doing their things first before they ask for a second person to help them, these one’s they don’t fight over nothing hence I’m saying they look things from their perspective before they act on that.

Be Bold

In life it doesn’t matter how good or bad things are but you need to be strong or act strong to overcome challenges and you by being all that you can you be undefeated in anything stick to your ground no matter what and you will see that you boldness is worth it.

You don’t need to fight over what you don’t know but being yourself can really help you to be a conquer. some of us tend to think we are failure because we don’t know our strength and an ability to overcome our problems , seek you power before asking the next person to help you.

By Amanda