How love has find people and how other are willing to conquer with it.

What is true love some may ask that question , trust me you those people who are asking that question are the people who has been hurt or other way around by some people who really wish to know.

Love at first sight

You and I knows that feeling , how can I explain for me its one the best feeling I have never felt in my life , sometimes it feels hurt and shocking makes so hard for you catch you breath when you see that person you will concentration , your knees will tend to be weak ,it’s always so nice once you have find yourself having that person because it becomes a dream come through , you just want nothing else but that person everything you are doing you are always adding you and your partner , mixing pictures ,photo mix and music on top of that because you are dearly in love.

It is not wrong to fall in love at first sight it has been something that we can’t control or run away from ,and it doesn’t matter what you’ve been through or what you are going through that moment but you will find yourself denying something which you’re not in control of. the best feeling is to love someone who’s going to love you back, do you ever feel like you’re complete just by looking at the person you love, if you haven’t find yourself feeling that I’d say you haven’t fall deep.

You will find yourself listening all the love songs , dedicating them to the you truly love , you will imagine all the good things for that person , their voice, their pictures will transform to another level of love. Some other people always thinks that you need to find a handsome guy or beautiful lady in order for you to say you are in love , but I can tell you once your Heart beat fast that’s when you’ll know that you in love.


We all have our differences when it comes to love some has a bad experience and we can’t as people are not the same , most of us we been played and hurt but we still believe that there people out there who they can make it happen with us no matter what we been through, one thing I wouldn’t do is to argue about the feelings we feel deep down.

What you’ve been through in your past shouldn’t disturb your future plans with your husband/wife , some will tell you that try and find yourself before to put yourself in a relationship or before you commit yourself I would say it’s because of their experience , so let others pass every step when it comes to everything meaning in a relationship, some of other people has been through thick and thin in past but they always feel better when the are around their love ones, sometimes always thought that they are never meant to loved when they are not going their ways.

You need to know things that other people are facing in their lives and how they overcome those things because you will find yourself falling for a person who has been there and there in life and that they think love don’t exist , and you are there to bring them back on believing that they can try again fall in love .

Through ups and downs

Good people we all need to know one thing that no matter how perfect you think you are , the is that time that you will make a mistake and you feel like you have ended what you really admires but we are people we learn from our mistakes and as much as you need to know each and other your likes and dislikes , you will never build a relationship who is always confuse you , meaning you too don’t understand each other.

It is not easy to find to your soul mate or the person you will really understand or too understand each other , but the one you have now show be the reason why you will end up hating the word love but let it be the person whom you will thank God for, I know when you are one you will always conquer everything coming in you way.


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