being me and you

What makes me and you?

What makes me and you this question sounds so simple for a person who truly know who they are , but it is so difficult to answer that if you have been failing to make a progress about your life and people will tend to judge you on that , but we need to know who we are and strongly believe in ourselves no matter what people are saying .

I think we tend to live our lives the way we want to because we don’t know our purpose and we believe in watching other people and fake what they are doing thinking that we will benefit something from that and but that time forget about our own lives and focusing to other people way of living , believing in yourself will help a lot more on knowing who we are and were the future lies, most people are happy with their lives , what they are doing makes the happy and if struggling with yours and don’t be ashamed continue living and make ourselves happy.


In life we will face all the challenges and they need most of us to know how to deal with them , not everyone will be there when in a need so hence I said we need to believe in ourselves through everything we are facing in life, we need to trust ourselves and do the best possible we can do and not for others but for ourselves bear in mind if we don’t trust and believe in ourselves no-one else will , people are facing most of the problems in their lives but they don’t give up.

I think the struggles we are facing in our lives are totally different most of many be struggling financially , love and not being respected and everything we are doing will always not enough in front of others and that has killed most of people self esteems and has killed us, my problems will always be problems and need to have a better way of dealing with them , people may try to help you but it’s always within if want to rescue from whatever problems you are facing.

Self respect

We have heard about self respect but that doesn’t mean you should only respect yourself only but even others deserve to be respected , this thing has to start by each and and everyone no matter what , don’t expect to be treated right hence people don’t get that, not doing the same to others , some tend to say ‘ people are disrespectful while they are the one who are failing to respect others. I think if we could do what is right to other people the will definitely return it the same way would want it and deserve deserves.

Most of people will learn more of what they are given than what others don’t, let’s assume that majority of people respects you the same way ,I doubt people will have a problem with and every word comes say will be heard , we live by our own mistakes and learn from them and move on, most of people once those people they hate the most , your comeback shouldn’t be the same once find inner self , I heard most of people demanding a respect but don’t force it but you’ll earn it.

Life challenges

I think not all of us has to face challenges but most of people has , some other thing will always be with us meaning in our DNA , the are countries in the world mostly in Africa that no matter what but the poverty will always strike , it’s always a problem for people who are gifted wholeheartedly were they wish to can give but they can’t because of the little they have, and those people they always feel like the have fail themselves by not giving what they wish to give.

The different about me and you will be , if you making it happen for your future and I am just me relaxing waiting in a comfort zone ,waiting others to do things for me , that will really mean that I enjoy the comfort that people are giving and forgetting that I have to stand by myself and move, we are different because of our ability on making it in life , and challenges are not permanent they come and go they need people to have focus on what they want and we desire to have for our future.


Being the person its like doing the best things that makes your heart and soul happy , this goes to everyone also as our lives are not the same also our journey in this life is not the same but you need to leave a legacy in your life , respect people, teach others how to love themselves before they expect others to to do to them.

By Amanda

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