What is stress

What is a stress it is a pain some would say , also an indication of the body that the is something that is bothering your inner peace and it is usually a deep pain that can causes you a some diseases that can kill you or make you disable the are a lot of things that makes most of people feel like they are stressed and this usually happen when a person has expect a lot of good things when those good things are not being achieved that’s when you will feel like you have loose it .

Most of people always find it so hard to deal with , if you are a person and you haven’t find yourself feeling that you have loss everything , believe me you I really doubt you have been stressed , deep thoughts and regrets will be haunting you that moment and that time you wish nothing but to be okay , and the are symptoms and how to deal with that not all has overcome it and make a use of it as a lesson of their lives.

Signs of Stress

Always alone

Very sleepy

Thinking of suicide

Always alone

I think this happening to most of people and I personally agree with that also when I feel like there is some something that is not giving peace in my mind I always feel like being alone will do , but it does but being alone will make you to think a lot things and what is it bothering won’t disappear but it will haunt you and that that you’ll be trying by all means to find some options and questions once you ask yourself Why me , that’s when you will cry no stop and that time you can’t find solutions.

I want you to know that being alone won’t help you to come with any solution but you’ll be hating yourself and thinking deep about your life and how you have fail in your life and that will not be solution but you’ll be adding another situation more of what you are going through , sitting alone has helped some I agree but some has disappear from that time and never return so sitting alone won’t help with your problems but to add some of stress to yourself.

Always sleepy

I would love to know who said when you are sleeping our problems also sleep , honestly they don’t sleep but we can say we are just relaxing our mind from the stress not that we are running from the problems , you’ll honestly see people who are going through a lot at work they always sleepy , that they wan’ nothing but to sleep to get rid of their deepest thoughts I know that cause I have been there also and it is not because you’ll be missing things at your workplace.

Most of people prefer a lot of things when they are stress , but to sleep will only help you only that moment and drinking sleeping pills won’t help you at all , we need to face our stress no matter how bad we think the situation is , I am not saying this because of what but I have been there and even now but I am trying by all means to not sleep but to stay awake and find some solution listening to my favorites music is really helping me , don’t sleep but try and find a way to deal with a stress and the is a way trust me.

Thinking of suicide

It doesn’t matter what we going through trust me you killing yourself is always not a solution and that’s what other people people always think of when they feel like life is against them , you don’t have to think of ending your life , committing suicide will always be the worst decision you ever made , and instead of trying to find some solution most of people thinking nothing else but to end their lives, trust me no matter what you are going through there are always those people who’ll help you.

I know for sure that we live once and no-one else will live their lives to replaces our legacy and this doesn’t matter that you have kids or what you don’t need to give up trust me you I have been through a lot in my life experiencing depression because of stress but because I believe in myself I have overcome that because I used my and forget about who I am and go out to seek for help not everyone will judge you , whatever is your problem people has passed that phase try and talk please about what you are going through.



We all need to come out and talk trust me nothing will ever work if you don’t talk about your problems and most of people won’t know what you are going through until you speak out about what is bothering you , you don’t need to be ashamed of yourself but the guts of trying to finding solution has never killed a person but most people has get what they been looking for , forget about what others will be saying about you but try by all means to find help.

I personally know that when I grow up most of people who come to me when they need advises even now I tend to care about people more than I care about me , I don’t judge people as people has never judge me , but bear in mind it’s not only about you but by you talking many of people would learn something from you , swallow you pride and try and speak to find ways of how to deal with whatever you facing in your life and it’s never too late , every problem has a solution.

Many people has fail themselves and their families by nit talking and I know it’s not easy to just come out and talk about your problems but trust me it has been our weapon to break the chain of our lives ,stop thinking that every person will judge you but always think of what will be your outcomes after talking about your problems , not talking about what you are going through has never helped I know that from my experience.


We people have many ways of dealing with what we going through in our lives but I would love to advise each and everyone to never think that what you are going through you are alone or it’s a first time that people are experiencing that , because you may be the 100 person who has be there but speaking about has helped many of people and be the change that people needs, talk to get help.

By Watson

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