how to become a good parent

What makes a good parent?

I think these are the most questions that most of us , we tend to ask ourselves and not many people will fail to to answer that because it sounds like an question to be answered but many will say action louder than words I totally agree with that , the way you take good care of your children will definitely makes you a good parent were the children can rely on no matter what situation, it doesn’t matter what you are going through as a child but having a supportive parents can really helped you.

We all know that a parent doesn’t only ends on the birth of the child , you need to raise that innocent soul with everything that you may have , teach a child everything that he/she may be in a need for a future , a child who was raised by two parents is totally different from a child who was raised by one parent , it’s always a gift of childhood growing up with both parents on your side every step of the way in your life because some hardly know their parents, you need to teach you child some of these.


We need to share more of our time teaching our children more of respect to build then for their future , it all has to start home before they tend to expect it outside there, a child who is raise with respect has never fail in life , like for instead I was born in a place were some wouldn’t survive to live in , when I was young my mother would sit with us and teach us about the life and how other people will do whatever it takes to ruin you and the way you are raised you.

Most of people may feel like respect is needed to be earn , I do understand that and I personally don’t have a problem with that, but the are those people who would expect to be respected but they hardly show respect to anyone , say goes to this ‘ if a child respect an elderly ‘ it has to go both sides but people has tend to disagree with that as they want to respected while they don’t respect others, so everyone should continue teaching their children what is worth .


I would say it doesn’t matter how you are teaching your children but bear in mind that you are not just teaching just for but you are also doing that for some other people out there, your child will never remain by side always , teaching them more about the life can really helped them to have guts to face whatever challenges they might really face in their lives even though you are not around , but your words will always push them to be who they really wish to be in their future, sometimes it may feel rough and tough but I always remember what I was taught.

I can easily say not all of us got a chance to sit down with our mother or father and learn most of the important things that really need in life , no wonder you would see people giving up so easily when they are facing challenges it is because they have never had chance to be told how life can be at some time and how to deal with life challenges they will face , you don’t have to have lesson in order for you teach your child about the ups and downs of life but to talk to them can really help them for their future.


We as has big chance of teaching our children a manner of approach , manner of speaking to other people , life has thought me so many things of life and how you need to treat people I don’t want to lie but in life there those people who will not treat you right or do by all means to find you getting upset and failing to hold yourself and say things to them , I have been tested by most people but I know where I come from back home ,so it’s always a case that people who are coming in different places we do things and say things differently.

We all have to take whatever our parents are teaching us seriously , I sometimes feel like am I neglected most of people knows me because of the way I always treat them , so the respect and what I was taught by my mother and father still with me , most of people who grown up with m , they love me so much because the way I react when I am with them , you really need to appreciate what they have to do to make sure that people sees you as a person they can rely on when they are in a need of something.


I would say so many things about what a parent need to do sacrificed themselves to raise us and we tend to take that for granted but we really need to thank those mothers who kept us alive were they had chance to abort us and those fathers who has been protecting and providing for us. THANK YOU

By Watson

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