This is a method by which people helped to gain insight into health matters and mobilize their knowledge and experience a manner that would have a favorable influence on those attitudes, habits and health practices relating to their physical , mental and social well being.

What are the aims of Health

To promote the development and proper use of health services
To make health valued community asset
To provide a platform for making own choices and decisions
To expose the consumer to learning situation so that he/she can be able to make his/her own choices about their health.

To provide experience which will develop insight and understanding individuals actions.
To help individuals become competent in and carry on to those activities ,they must undertake for themselves as individuals or small group , so as to realize the full state of health.

Purpose of Health Education

To make sure that people got the right way of dealing with their health.
To make health valued community asset.
To make sure that every individual have good decissin to make about thier own choices.

Personal and Environmental Hygiene


Nature and important of immunizations
Types of Immunizations


Importance of Nutrition

Personal hygiene special for pregnant mothers you also need to eat health ,lactating mothers and infants and children

Sexual Transmitted Infection



Basic Health Education

The important aspect is to encourage people to take responsibilities for their own health.
Promote effective communicational
Convince the people the value of education
People must participate
Encourage health life style
Keep services affordable and accessible
Respect and cooperation
People must not be force to do what they don’t believe in

Barriers to Health Education

Religion believes
Cultural believes
Poor communication skills
Fear of social stigma e ,g not willing to come forward early for treatment
Lack of confidence in a person

Common Physical Diseases

HIV and Aids
Sexual transmitted infection
Hypertension[High blood pressure]
Diabetes mellitus

HIV , AIDS and STI’s
-This descriptions given state that since these diseases are causing major problems in the entire world and South Africa is regarded as one of the countries that has a high infection rate.


It can infect any part of the body but commonly it affect the Lungs ,and infectious spread by droplet infection and which can be prevented.
Signs and Symptoms
Lack of appetite
Loss of weight
Coughing over two weeks
Night sweats
Pain in the chest
Shortness of breath
Cough up blood

Go to your nearest clinic once you experience those signs and symptoms


This is a referred to as malignancy is diagnosed according to the tissue affected but there two main types of cancers namely Carcinoma and Sarcoma.
This cancer may arise in most any part of the body and where it has begun will be called the primary growth. Should the cancer spread and grow at other parts of the body this is called Metastases or second growth. Cancer most commonly affect the stomach , uterus, breast, lungs, colon and rectum.

This is used to describe changes in the joints which may be either inflammatory or degenerative in character.

Types of Arthritis

-Osteo arthritis-charactarisesd by degenerative changes of the affected joints e,g Hips , Knees, Shoulders. There is no obvious inflammation but the joints become deformed.
-Rheumatold-more common in woman , charaterised by painful swelling of the joints e,g fingers and later the wrists , ankles, elbows and knees


This is also known as HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. it caused by heart diseases renal [kidney]problems , tumor on the brain.

Signs and Symptoms
Signs of stroke
Heart diseases
Chronic kidney diseases
Daily exercise program
No alcohol and smoking
Prevent obesity like eat mostly fruits and vegetables
Diet -low salt and fat intake

Go to your nearest clinic once you experience those signs and symptoms

Diabetes Mellitus

A disorder of carbohydrate metabolism due to insufficient insulin .Blood sugar levels are increased. All ages may be affected but the commonest ages are between 30 -60 years.


Always thirsty
Poor wound healing
Repeated skin
Genital infections
Pruritus vulvae
Visual impairment

Daily exercise program
Reduce sugar intake
Weight control , prevent obesity

Social illness in the community

Prostitution-The number of people men and women, and young people are selling their bodies because of their financial problems.
Teen pregnancy-So many young people are experimenting sex . Some say they have casual sex to be socially accepted by their peers and they always fell pregnant.

Domestic violence-The family as unity is being threaten by the modern living.
Child trafficking-Children are held against their will, and sold as slaves usually for sex to prostitutes
Child abandonment-Parents are forsake their own children leaving them to feed themselves, and this problem is increasingly more especially to the communities

Suicide especially amongst teenagers-Young people are lonely due to the low self esteem and are pressured to become who thy are not, some are being bullied at school and end up committing suicide.
Poverty /unemployment-This always leads to domestic violence and prostitution , and overcrowding can cause diseases e, g Tuberculosis.
Increase of crime rate/rape-This can be caused by unemployment , poverty and drug abuse and child neglect.

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