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What are people’s behavior?

What are people’s behaviors it is so simple to see people who usually do things the way they want to things , some other people has their issues towards other things and others , one persons attitude has changed other peoples behaviors right through, we all come from different places and our background are not the same also the way we tend to see things is different, this has to do with what that person is feeling.

I strongly believe that our behaviors goes along with our attitude , and once people said you attitude is not right also the way you’ll behave will change, people has tend to be monsters in our days , we really need to check our words when we are talking to others not everyone you meet will be kind as you are some will just hate you because you kind and your are friendly to everyone and they will start on having attitude you and not that you have done something to them no.

Most of people has all these different behaviors some when they are drunk they always fight doing all kinds and kinds of awkward things.


This has made people to loose so much in their lives , it may be something that people are using to relief their stress and when they feel like they want to enjoy themselves they always prefer alcohol to part of what they want to do , you can even see how people are acting when they are drunk , some become so different from their behavior , alcohol has made nice and kind people to be aggressive and the way they are doing things really become so different .

I personally don’t have a problem with anyone any kind of person I prefer as I don’t judge people whether they drink or not but I know what others really behave when they are influence of alcohol , and sometimes they do things not knowing that they are doing them , just imagine waking up in the morning finding out that you almost killed someone , and because you not in charge of your body because of the alcohol and that time you’ll be shocked and denying everything.

Most of people cause all kind of accidents and decision not knowing that they did them , just imagine an aggressive and they always become so dangerous more when they are drunk so everything they wish to do they’ll do them and blame alcohol at the end of the day , so some other people drinks because they want to show their true colors of cruelness , not everyone has a problem with alcohol but it really shows some other peoples behaviors.


We all know that everyone needs money and we all have our on problems we need to fix , just imagine a person who has been living under poverty in his/her life , how do you think that person will behave after getting money , one thing I can ensure is that money can really change most of people and the way they would behave with money in their hands and I don’t blame them , did you know some others lack respect when they feel that they have made it.

We can go wherever we want to go but money has changed people and has killed many relationship and not because of some are stingy but people will change fast when having money , if you want to see a sweet person give them money and you’ll see how they become so untouchable and controlling they are , I am sure even if you can street kid and give them money you’ll see how they’ll behave , some of us got dreams to achieve so having money can really change us mostly of us in better way possible.

Most of them when they have money they always behave so calm to others but once they have it , they would always want people to respect them to praise them , I mean they would spend money like the is no tomorrow but once they don’t have the behave otherwise so you need to be careful of those one’s because they can do whatever it takes to have money so you will see how you not safe around them , money made most of us dangerous trust me.


We all know that not everyone will be happy when you are fulfilling your dreams ,most of people just enjoy seeing us struggling and facing all types of challenges and they really feel happy when things are not going according to the way you want them and once you become who you want to become , people will start hating you by your success , someone once told me that if I ever become successful I should just move to that area as people will hate me because I am become what they’ve failed to be.

Some would ask you trust no-one because those who will smile when you are failing are not to be kept , if people pretend to support and love you just become successful and you’ll see how they’ll treat you , I am telling you the treatment will be different not because of the something wrong you did but they feel like you better than them and that time they will be giving you an attitude , the only thong you need to do is to keep moving some will let from you .

I have seen it . you don’t learn if you don’t try and if you fail you try so hard in order for you to make , just you need to forget about people who wish nothing but to see you failing , we all have life to live and things we all wish to have , but you just keep you focus on what you want , whatever you have you need to just applaud yourself because no-one will do trust me , people hate us because we don’t sleep but hustling and bear in mind sleeping doesn’t pay and once you make it they will hate you but keeping moving and making it happen no matter what they say.


We all live once so if you will be living your own life to please don’t you think that will really delay you on making it happen for your self bear in mind you got your own life to please so the way they’ll behave shouldn’t affect you , go all out to fulfill your dreams.

By Amanda

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