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What does happiness means.

Happiness only means one word happy most of people find this word in many ways of explaining it because of not everyone believes that the is a happiness , whatever that brings you smile we call it happiness.

It doesn’t matter what you are going through we all know that the are those moments that makes you happy and always makes you smile , just imagine what you’ve been through in your life and find yourself achieving what you always wanted to achieve , this goes to people who have dreams to achieve and and battle to win , and you are there to able to win and have everything you desire to have and that will definitely going to bring happiness in you.

There are things that I am sure that has bring the most of good memories and some people will understand this in their own ways , but money , love has helped us to be the happiest people in this world and some will ask why these two , just let me help you to understand and I am sure most of people may agree with me , but some will definitely disagree with me.


Let me start , just imagine yourself you are coming from the place where people are always struggling to make it in life and not because they want things to be like that but because of the background that is lacking more of the information on how to make it happen in your life and just imagine , you are given your life time opportunity to go study what you always want to study with a big chance of working after that , just imagine how excites that brings to you and that moment you think nothing but what you are going to do with the money after finishing your study and that time you don’t think about the 3 years course.

We can say whatever we want to say but money can really bring happiness to each and every person no-one wants to be broke neither to suffer forever ,and many people are struggling in so many ways and us not having an information on how to move ourselves from the the industry were you are failing to make it , it is always difficult and I personally never blame a person who is always angry it’s because we don’t know the struggles that , that person is going through, just give a person money or an information on how to make money you’ll see how that can change that person to a better human being.

Most of people has made some wise decisions about their money but some has failed to do that , you don’t need to rush things when you have money as money has become an education to others that it can open more door for people in their lives, but I truly believe it can bring the inner person meaning the true colors but it doesn’t matter as it gives you happiness it’s all good.


Most of people has made it , or feel like they have made it trust me you love can conquer most of the battles in life , no-one doesn’t want to be loved and it doesn’t matter how much they’ve hurt and some makes you feel useless at some time , but through that you’ll still be willing to give love , love is the greatest feeling ever , it always so nice when you have find a person who’s gonna love you with you mistakes and ups and downs , a person who won’t judge you for what they heard about you , but a person who is willing to make you feel valued.

You need to try find your happiness through love , just try to find a person who is willing to understand you and the way you want to achieve , a person who will want noting else but make sure that you are always happy and safe .In my life I have been loved and take care of I know how it felt to be loved unconditionally without giving the best you are willing to give to that person , for me love has brought nothing but happiness and the good memories that will never shades.

You find yourself feeling more of yourself but the person you strongly believe is yours, funny thing about loving and being loved is that sometimes you struggles to sleep when that person is not around you , nothing more or less but that’s the way you love you partner and it takes strong hearts and people to feel like that , but I’m telling nothing will ever feels so nice than to have partner that supports your dreams and push you to become the person you really wish to become, your partner becomes your energy when you feel like you want give up

It doesn’t matter how tough you are but once love has find you , you will want nothing else but to love and being loved , some of people tend to hate love , because of their experience but that doesn’t affect you , I strong believe that people are not the same, what others has been through doesn’t have to be an excuse of you not willing to be happy and share more good memories, no-one is perfect that one I know but I need you to give love a chance to prove something good in you and your life.


We always find happiness in different places and I don’t see anything wrong on that and bear in mind we are different some of people enjoy themselves when they are with friends more than their families and I my happiness starts when I’m heading to weekend knowing that I will spend my time with the people who really value me in their lives and sometimes when I’m about do something that makes me really happy writing blog posts, about my life and struggles in life and that is really helping not that I want people to feel pity for me but because people needs to know that it’s never too late to achieve.

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