life opportunities

What are life opportunities

Life opportunities that’s when you are granted something in which you think will most definitely change your life in a better way than it is , some being given their dream job , I would say it’s a chance to live , chance to do better , chance to become who you want to become.

Hence I was saying it and I will say it again it is a chance that you are given to live , or to do what you have failed to do right , like foe instead failing you driving lessons and now they are giving you time to it again and change what is needed to be changed in order for you to pass it , that was a good life opportunities given to you.

Job opportunity

Let’s say you have been struggling to find yourself a job I mean you have been applying all over but no luck by your side , then you start by going out again to seeking a job , luckily you find what you’ve been looking for and I definitely know how much you will appreciate that chance being given to you , but we all know that not all people are appreciating what they granted ,this can chance everything about you bear in mind good life opportunities come and go if you let that one who knows maybe it will take to come back to as you have spoiled it .

We all know that most of us always find a way of changing our lives once we start earning something but not all of us can change to better when they now having the money into their accounts , some we tend to forgot where we come from and money has changed us in so many ways , and it has taken a control of our lives , let’s for instead as I was saying living your life a half of it not having money to afford your needs then suddenly you are given something you always wish for dream job , not that I’m 100% sure of this but money has been a bad influence to us , who has been struggling in life.

We all have dreams to achieve, things we would love to have , so being given a job can help you to prosper and work on what you are willing to do for you and my family ,so some others become aggressive and cruel , greedy which is I don’t blame them , sometimes that’s what poverty has done to our fellow brothers and sister, you don’t have to do what others are doing than to focus on yourself and what you want to achieve in your life , but working has helped us a lot through everything we are facing in our life , to afford to buy yourself your own needs is one of the nicest feeling you can imagine.

You need to know whatever comes in your life , take it as serious as you can mostly when it comes to work many people are unemployed not because the way the treated the job but our economy has become so rough for us mostly our youth , you can be so good on what you are doing in your workplace but there those times you will feel like you want to let go and resign please don’t do that because you won’t be suffering forever.

Find love

You need to think deep about this word love ,it is so scarce to find it in nowadays people has played with this word just to benefits what they are willing to benefit , it has has become a weapon to other to conquer what others has been failing to conquer , nicest word to hear but sometimes this word comes with consequences on it , because you sometimes ask yourself what to give and to be given so having those questions on your mind can still push you not to fall in love but at the same time just imagine in your life you have never been told that you are being loved .

Trust me you it always so nice to be loved but what are you going to achieve and give on your relationship , I would love to say this to each and every person it doesn’t matter what others has done to you but once love has find you , you really can’t run away from it. Love will find you were you think you have had enough still strike you and ask you to let it in , what are most hurtful moments in your life were you think that there is no love , sit and ask yourself one question ‘am I alone, before you refuse love you need to think deep about everything.

You sometimes need to prove others wrong it comes to love , most people don’t believe in love anymore because they’ve been hurt so many times by the people they really loved , so its never too late to let love play part in life , hence I did say that most of people has try it but it seems like its not working for them but it’s life time opportunity to find a person who is willing to share their experience with you just build a good relationship with, we all have our mistakes in life through them we are learning things and have a courage to work on our new relationship , you never know what you got until it’s over .

I want you to know few things about love ,love can destroy families and friends , same love can unite strangers and the nation, love comes from deep , love doesn’t ask why , love may be just a word but the power of that word is so big , love comes with consequences and risks but risks that are worth to be taken. It doesn’t matter where you come from and where you are going but love will always find a way in your heart , I won’t be lying to you about it but love is so nice when you are giving it being given to you , never give up keep on loving special person will come.


We all come from different places in this world and our opportunities we are given will always not the same , so many of us do get those chances but we don’t take them as the life opportunities , you shouldn’t opportunities for granted as they can be taken from you within a second.

By Amanda

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