Building a confidence

What is a confident

I would say confidence is something that has to do more with how you feel deep down about something you want to do or you are doing, it’s a believe that comes with you and how you trust yourself.

We are people differs on how we do things and how we usually view some other people’s options and facts, most of people has made some of us to loose our confident what they say to you and what they do may kill your self esteem, what do think is a effect to those one’s who looses their confidents through their lives because to some hence I said it can affect them a lot.

How to build your confidence

Those are usually questions that most of us are struggling to answer , because we tend to judge ourselves and stop believing in that what we can say can also change another person’s life , you need to believe in yourself no matter how you think life has failed you but not everything you do or say may be wrong , at school you will always find learners not having answer to answer during the class but they always pass the exams , that means they are not sure of themselves.

We always find it so easy to talk to the people we know and trust but our self esteem always flushes when we meet different people and how they can view your facts and option through whatever you cab present to them, you and I need to trust and believe in ourselves no matter what situation we are facing , if you don’t believe in yourself no-one will so it has to start with you always.


I know many of people who has been through a lot of things in their lives were they think nothing but committing suicide because of what others has done and said to them through their life, the are things that we face that will always haunt us no matter where we can go. Most people can’t express their feelings immediately it took time for them to say anything not because they are not hurting but because some people can die inside , and it’s really helping to do that.

The is nothing better from hiding your feeling or the way some things are hurting you , you need to come clean in everything that can be really helpful not only for you but also for those who has been living lies in their lives, I know it’s never easy just to say I am hurting but try it. People are facing the worst things in their lives and they always fail to come out in every situation and doesn’t matter how bad and big the situation but they always struggle, some they think begging something from others is an embarrassment not having to something has never an embarrassment.

You don’t need people to tell you how good you’re in what you are doing , it doesn’t how you feel from other people they will always find something to keep you down when you feel like you are able to do something, we are struggling in so many ways in our lives and that has seem like something which is normal but I really need you and you to find in your hearts to move from where you and keep on building the best you can build for yourself and the surroundings it may sound not but it’s easy believe in yourself and let them judge you and keep on moving.

Most of other things we are noticing when others are struggling on something some are really benefiting on that bear in mind not all people want you to see you making it in life , so they will always want to see your weakness in order for them to kick and make all the funny things about you even though they’re benefitting nothing on that ,that’s what some of us has been facing in our early ages.

Self love/Self trust

It always start with you the way you you can present yourself in front of people and what you can do without people , sometimes the way you do things there are people out there who are willing to do the way you are doing them but because you don’t trust yourself you wont be able see that , sometimes to do what others are doing is not right you just need to be unique once and see how that can help others by coming clean on some things they don’t like and by that you didn’t just help you but also somebody else there.

I know from me , it is never easy to make it from the challenges that life has been giving to us , but you need to ask yourself who you are and where are you coming and going in life and I know we are coming from all these different places in the world but many of people has rely on their confident in order to make it in life, having that belief that you’ll make it in life helped people a lot , you don’t have to have everything in life in order for you to love and trust yourself.

You really don’t have to have everything for you to know that the are better things coming coming your way in life some other people go through thick and thin to make it , you really don’t have to rely on others to applaud you when your mind tells you that you are doing it right and in right way expected , just imagine being given an opportunity to be a leader tell how are you going to do that if you’ll be asking help from others because you are failing to trust yourself an ability to making it happen.

Think wisely

Many people are failing to think deep before making their own decisions mostly when it comes to money , we all know we find our lives so easy when we have money just imagine from being the person you are and now you are a given an opportunity to be in a part of your management team in your workplace and you just sign a contract not knowing the good and bad coming from it now , you find yourself struggling to do some things because your tempered by money and you didn’t give yourself time to think.


To each and every person wherever you are and whatever you are going through you will pass that stage only if you don’t let people take an advantage of you , it’s not easy to make it if you dnt trust and believe in yourself, people may try by all means to take you down but if you trust yourself they won’t be able to break you down.

By Amanda

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