What is life

What is life

Life is that time you were given by God your creator to come and spend in this world and many of us live our lives differently , and the way we were created may be the same but our purposes are definitely not the same. Some of us were born in different places with different people , It doesn’t matter were you come from that’s were you were born to be , and also your religions and believes will not be same. We all know the story of ADAM and EVE in the Eden it all started there in the book of Genesis 3 verse 22.

Good people please bear with me I am not here to convince people to believe what they don’t want to believe because hence I said our believes won’t be the same as also the our religions, the life started in the Bible were God created Adam and Even and also created the Heaven and Earth ,so we all human being and some don’t why they are here in this world but I even doubt that there are people who really knows their purpose , but some believes that if the find themselves having the ability to heal people tend to believe that they were meant to be pastor or traditional healers.

You need to know how to make you own decision about your life .

We really don’t know our purpose here in this life but we woke up and eat ,go to work hoping that tomorrow we still going to see the sun again, so some are living their lives with questions WHY ME , WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME, WHY BAD THINGS ARE HAPPENING TO ME,HOW LONG DOES IT TAKES TO MAKE IT, all these kinds of questions but the is more of what you are asking yourself and tend to fail to answer all those questions.

Good times

We all want to see ourselves living the best life we wish to live but we are not born to do that trust me , wishing nothing but the best in your life , whatever you want you get , which ever things you desire you get , I mean no-one doesn’t want to live a stress free life but you need to go according to the way you were born , but I doubt that there is a person who was born to be poor forever , that is why we need to find our purposes on how to live our life, money has become our happiness.

You find yourself wishing to buy yourself a luxury car and a big mansion that you can afford like nothing I mean you don’t have to deep on how you will get the money to do that . you just do when you feel like doing it, hosting every events you wish to host , I mean you are in a spot light , and you don’t care who comes and go because you don’t ask or need anything from someone , whatever you want to eat at whenever you all kind of nutrition’s you really can afford them, as you got everything you need money.

Bad times

We all know that everyone got their own challenges that they are facing in their lives and it only differs on how to deal with them and how some of us are coping with them , just imagine you woke in the morning and you hardly don’t know what you will need to do make sure you bring something to eat , bear in mind no-one wants to be poor or live the life of not knowing what tomorrow brings, you tend to do everything in your power to live like others but this life fails you.

You will always hear people begging and asking for food and you be like Why aren’t they go and find a job , just tell me who enjoys being poor the answer is none, just imagine you are highly educated but still you can’t find your a job , how do you think that feel ‘ honestly it’s so traumatizing and hurting we all wish to be better one day but life has been so unfair to some of us , for me it’s all better and hurting if a person once rich than a person who barely don’t know the smell of money.

Once people ask questions about their lives know that they are going through staff and that lead them in all of the diseases they can come through , some faces depression because they feel like their efforts are just a waste of time , I mean do you know the feeling of waking us and go all the places to submits your curriculum vitae and expecting to be called soon because you are in a need but you wait until you forgot about the job, and keep hustling but still things aren’t working.

You should never think that what has happen or happening to you it’s the first time happening , most people are living the worst times of their lives and the struggle everyday and sometimes we tend to create all these bad things for ourselves and we have to live with them at the end of the day.


We as people has created ourselves so many memories and it doesn’t matter how bad or good are those memories , a memories is that unforgettable moments of your life were when you think about that moment you just smile and some of them are not good they always brings tears and sore in their lives , hence I did mention that we all here not knowing why we are here to bring , but let it something that you need to know that you can create your on challenges by doing the worst in your life.

I mean if you have lost your parents let it not be the reason you feel like you should be struggling , those people overcome thing we never thought we would, some memories we made to happen it doesn’t matter how you think you can run away from other things but your creator given you them and you have to live with them and learn from your mistakes to move on and it doesn’t matter how good or bad are those moments but they always leave a unforgettable memories.

Life has all the challenges and never ask for them but they will always find us , and it doesn’t matter how perfect you think you are , but will go through staff simple means you need to try and be careful on what you are doing on the time you are given to live and I know no-one is perfect but try not live the worst but the best.

By Watson

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