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What is a good personality

I think good personality I would say it is a way that a person should be raised ,with because its so not good or easy to teach a person manners and respect and how that person should know how to treat others at the same time it is not about how you treat them also the way you do things with them can help you .

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Respect is not something that is not being sold or given to a person most of parents do teach their children mostly how to have manners from other people and its so so nice to teach your child the most important pillars of life that they should know that , you don’t need show it only the elders or only your family but everyone you find along the way we really need to be need that, hence I did say its not easy to teach a person who is that close to be matured enough some pillars of life .

My brother or sister out there you don’t need a person to respect you in order for them to do the same to you , the more you show it is the more people are showing back to you .I am who I am because of the respect I have show to people not only my family or old people but to everyone , It has brought me most people in my life.


You don’t only need to care about your family ,friends or colleagues but show your caring to everyone you come across with ,because the more you give is the more it comes back to you too , I personally don’t stress if I’m showing you the way I really care about you yet you don’t show it , I only understand that people are not the same and maybe you caught a person stressed or thinking about something hence I’m saying I always understand, and you don’t need to ask people to care about you but always give them that caring.


A strong word that most people are always trying to find , I know myself and my personality and I am willing to give every youth there the way to find yourself being loved and it’s never been easy to give but not to give back and I’m not talking about relationship just talking .

It doesn’t matter how you are showing it , but the fact that you have shown it will bring peace in your heart most of people will thank you only just for wishing them a good day ,you don’t need to buy or take a person out for drinks to show the love you have for them.


The most important thing is to appreciate what other people are giving you and it doesn’t matter how much is that thing learn to be thankful and teach people how to give back to other people , you don’t need to be given the world to say Thank you, everything being given to you , has being given to you from , learn to say thank you , I have an experience of being thankful and how that has take me in my life.

The people you meet in your may be different from you and the way you are doing things but it’s up to you to chose the right way to do things, some they can’t even say thank you no matter how good things are given to them but , I need you change that and appreciate everything given to you.


God has given us all the tools to us , please let’s work together in order to change the world , every person got that gift that was given by God , some may not know it but we all have those gifts for instead I am good at giving and I know I have been through a lot in my life but the love and appreciation I am giving to people has help me.

The is this thing called give and you will be given , I don’t believe in miracles but I believe in myself that the information can help you to become the person you want to become. The is no need for you to be rich to support or give to other people , everything you are giving will change somebody’s life elsewhere , advise , and good conversation you share to other people can change everything.

I am talking to the youth out there people our world is falling apart it’s up to us to try by all means to make a change not only for you but also for the people around you , give the little information you have because I’m 100% sure it can make huge different to other people, Be the reason why people want to change their lives for better .

By Watson

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