many ways to deal with our disadvantageous lives

What is a disadvantage- It is commonly the difference of advantage , allow me to dwell more of these two and how one can be affected [lucky or unlucky]

Our disadvantageous lives has always a case of how you’ll make it from the angle you find yourself into , you may not know this but I can personal tell you that most of people has made it through every challenge they got in their life , if sometimes you feel like your stress and challenges are beyond your strength always remember that you are not alone but you need to find a way of overcoming that and lack of finance should be something that is stressing you, you feel now that things are not going way because you have find a better way to deal with problems.

Most of us are coming from good backgrounds but our purpose in life is not to be poor forever we are trying by all means to achieve what we think is rightful ours, just imagine yourself feeling like it’s beyond your and tend to find a whose going to tell you that Your situation is not permanent how does make you feel .

You need to trust me you what you doing now may be fruitful in your life , you only to make good decisions on how to make it , bear in mind you are in charge of your body , control the way you think and do things some will say you won’t make but you need to go through stuff in order to make it , It’s never easy but keep trying.

Lack of knowledge

In nowadays we are living in a century were you need to make your own decisions about your life were you will are capable to search for more info about whatever you need , that has made things easy for us but just imagine that by you not knowing on how to find a better way to live your own life, and one has made more people clueless on what to do.

Just imagine you are not working and you’ve been struggling to get yourself a job with the experience you are having , I always advise to think deep before they do things , you end up making unwise decisions if you don’t think straight.

Some of the things your mind is telling you may not be the with what your heart desires you to do, make sure your seek for every information may find to make sure that you making easy for you to make it through everything, but you lacking the ideals on how to making it through your problems may cause you a lot , you need to focus no matter what.

Financial problems

You need to know that you are not alone many people are facing the situation you are facing as things are getting expensive day in day out people are all struggling in many of ways , now we are living in a world that every cent count and it doesn’t matter you are doing , some other people are failing many things because they are not financially stable , did you know that even the billionaires are having their problems , I guess you don’t know that because we always see them as stress free people.

The better way to know some things it’s when you have to search for them , give yourself and every day task check you currencies and watch global news then you’ll come and tell me , sometimes you have to be honest to yourself about other things , if you are complaining now saying that you are bankrupt who do you think has all the money in the world and how that person has it, money will always be a problem but think wise and try and do things wiser.

People has tend to do all the wrong things because they feel like they don’t deserve to be broke . Some will make more of the sacrifices to try and live the life others are living , if you are struggling today take it as a lesson to pull yourself out from that situation you are in now , search valid things on how to overcome your life challenges then you’ll pass the stage were you will think you are not alone.


You will find some people emotionally drained not because they want to but we are facing more difficulties in our lives were you’ll be asking yourself some questions like why me , how am I going to overcome my problems I mean all these types of question that why you will find people struggling with anxiety or depression I can tell you how bad this can be but what we are going sometimes it’s beyond our power , but doesn’t force you to do what you regret at the end of the day.

The are those challenges people are facing and they may be more what you going through but we don’t know that because each and every person has his/her ways of dealing with their problems, stress can attack whoever and it doesn’t have to be you only , just count how many people who has made it through what what are you going through as many but you need to trust yourself and believe that you are not alone.

It doesn’t matter who you are some other things we live with them and it has been like that since , many problems may be more than yours but I don’t let them rule me as this life as this is my life and body which means take control of your problems .

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