Dealing with a heartbreak

What is a heartbreak

Dealing with a heartbreak is a pain that people has caused you when you feel like you have been betrayed or somebody broke your trust that you had for them ,most of people would ask you questions maybe about the heartbreak and how some are coping with it , some has never been in that situation so they are just asking incase they find themselves in any of the situations that will tear them apart and broke their hearts, and heartbreaks comes to everyone as long as you have feeling and heart.


It is always so hard to deal that pain more and more if you really trusted that person and you feel like they have betrayed you , and it doesn’t matter that they did that purposely or it was a mistake but a pain is always a pain and it doesn’t or wouldn’t matter which angle did it came from ,and other thing is always about you asking all the kind of questions that why you , do deserve to be treated the way you being treated and what is going to happen to you.

You need to try by all means to find yourself and let to trust again because you’ll never what will happen after that heartbreak and people are not the same and learn to trust even though it’s going to be hard but try, I person have been there in so many times so know how it feels to feel like you were used and played so the only thing that you need to do ,is to make sure you don’t think more of yourself as a victim of heartbreaks.

I know it would be so hard but try and check yourself and what did you do to contribute in that relationship because sometimes its not you but the person you are with , I know that the will be that time you can eat neither to eat but need to trust yourself that you can move from that heartbreak and you are not alone going through that , and we got so many ways of dealing with a pain and you don’t need to beat yourself for being good enough in relationship because some other people will never get satisfied on what you are giving them.

Speak out

We all have ways of dealing with our problems and it depends on individual on how you can cope with whatever you are going through , but I would advise people to speak out about what they are going through , most of people fail to do that and it always brings problem in future , you don’t need to go the therapies to get help but speaking out has helped millions of people through heartbreaks and it doesn’t matter how old you may be but problems will always find and that time you be ready to face them.

I know people has talked about their problems and how they feel about some things and those people has healed from everything and learnt from whatever mistakes they’ve made in their lives , you need talk more especially about something that bothers you from your heart your silence will never be an answer but sharing your feelings with people you may trust and about the way you feel will really going help you, it has helped me and I know you can try and adapt to make a change and you don’t need to die inside while you still have a chance to speak.

I mean nothing is better than to talk and come out from the pain you are in , most of people has committed suicide because they fail to speak out about how they really feel , I can say 98% people who has speak out has really survive a lot of battles and has conquered more of their problems no matter how quiet you are , you don’t have to keep quiet no matter you see the situation is beyond you power , a key is please speak out.

Self love

It doesn’t matter how much you have been played and hurt doesn’t mean you should stop loving yourself or stop believing in your ability to change things about your life , not all people will love and appreciate you so you need to do whatever you feel like doing do it and that’s you life , people will hurt you and break you just to see how you’ll react on that but you need to pull yourself out from that and make sure that you love yourself more than , what they think about you , question is who’s going to love you if you don’t love yourself?

You need not to look down on yourself when they have done something wrong to you hence I did say this most of them will test you by all means, just look in the mirror and say to yourself you deserve more than what you are given and wipe those tears and try and go out and you’ll see how people will treat you ,most of them will be so proud of you and they will learn more from you and the heartbreakers will always feel like they’ve won if they see you falling apart don’t let that to happen .

You can just imagine what others are going through in their relationships and they value themselves there but they stayed there because they love , are you being love that’s the question and you can’t be saying that you are in relationship while you forced to be loved , love yourself first that will definitely help you to find your love elsewhere than to force to be loved .


Heartbreaks has never announce they will find you while you think you are in your comfort zone bear in mind you can’t make all people to love you or want to be with you, it has been something that has been happening through everyone , never feels like you are alone , people has been there and still move on from a heartbreak I know it won’t be easy but try and find a way to move on and forgive.

By Watson

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