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What is music

What is music , some would explain this as sound with different instruments that gives people some a way of healing and enjoyment , every person can make his/her music meaning if you have voice there is no way that you won’t be about to sing , some don’t know when they are singing even alone they are creating music even if a no sounds of instruments , but whatever you’ll be singing either nice or not nice but you’ll be creating something call music.

Music has all kinds and kinds of genres on it like Gospel, Jazz, RnB, Rock and roll and Rap and they are many of them and each and every of these has their way of bringing a massage to each and everyone and we don’t like the same genres some will heal their souls with Gospel and some would listen to to RnB so we are different when it comes to experiencing the music and when those instruments come together trust me you’ll never feel so disappointed.

What music does to us.

Music has become a weapon to each and everyone of us , I can say this because when I feel like things are not going right for I always find myself listening to music and music is really helping me through my stress and I can’t compere music with anything when it comes to releasing the inner problems spiritually , it is that thing that people would used when they want to enjoy themselves , we really can’t live without it no matter where we are going music is always with us.

Just imagine if we didn’t have music what will this world be , I mean everything that we are doing in our lives we need music , you can go wherever you’ll find these mixed nice sounds , so each and every countries has their way of making different sounds of instruments and that doesn’t mean other countries can’t listen to it , it has bring people and different nations together , just imagine from United states of America to Africa just to make one nice song that will bring people to as one .

I doubt that the is a person who hate music but others have different types of genres they really enjoy but each and every genres is so nice and people has their kinds of favorites when it comes to choosing music , and I can’t be saying what is my favorite because maybe people will dislike it but to be honest I am fan of RnB those songs has made me who I am today romantically wise, also country sounds when am I driving a prefer to listen to Soul .

What comes out of music

This always be a good and nice way of making others to fall in love and some of people always bring many memories of their lives and this has made some of people to feel they can’t live without some of the songs they has been listening, finding a person in a taxi always know that , that person listening to their favorites and also when we are in jogging we listen to music I mean this is really helping and hence I said most of us when we are stressing we listen to mixed sounds .

I did say this has bring many people together and it doesn’t choose where you are coming from but if you a voice you want it to be heard that’s a good platform for and it doesn’t mean when you are disable you can’t make it to that industry I have seen people who thought they won’t make but making it because of what their voice can do, it’s either you are black or white I mean each and everyone can make a huge different and can heal many of us .

You can see the unity from the picture , this has really bring us together , we used to believe that this platform was for only people who can sing but no , as long as you can mix instruments and make use of your voice I strongly believe that you can heal our hearts , let me tell you something every sound that can make you happy and feel like alive , I think that is a real thing, most of us has those songs we will never forgot because of what they have helped us through our stressful lives.

Types of instruments




I think for me these three has ranked to instruments worldwide but bear in mind that is my opinion and just imagine these three making your favorite song, we are different from the way we like our things and how we tend to love them , these are the most famous instruments I think from the early days of creating or mixing the sounds these has always been there not because they are my favorites I can tell even those days of Soul RnB they would use them.

I think not all of us have the same taste when it comes to music and we all know what other sounds can do to us and how we react towards other songs , but every song you tend to enjoy I mean it doesn’t matter which song as long as you like it it’s all fine because you know what it does to you and nobody else would be able to choose for you on which genre you should be listening and what it does, just try and give yourself time and listen to the mix of these three then you’ll understand my obsession.


A mix of sounds , voice and instruments has really made us , to have something to do when we feel like we are bored , keeping yourself listening to music has healed me and helped me to overcome most of my loneliness in my life because when I listen to music I always feel like I am part of those artists who are making the music , I just smile and sing the sing a song as if it’s mine.

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