Is money ever enough.

What is money?

What is money, some will describe as a current medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes this something that everyone human being is using in order to pay his/her good and services and you can pay anything that you want you pay as long as it is requesting money, we have these different monies and some won’t understand this as they only putting their minds only in coins and banknotes , the bank card is also called money ‘plastic money’.

You don’t need to do accounting or economics in school in order for to know how to use money , we all grow up in different places in this world but believe me you , I mean from the early age we learn the basics of using money and what is money and what it does , back to our days money had a value $1 used to be scarce and things were cheaper then because of scarcity of it , but now I can assure you that $1 is nothing I mean you can’t do nothing with it , we would buy Bread with it back to those day.

What makes money to be scarce

There is nothing worries than to be broke and bankrupt our economy is so demanding in a way that’s why you’ll find that most of people hardly working as things just turn to be expensive everyday and inflation rates are changing day in and day out , companies are retrenching staff because they can’t pay due to what the economy has done , COVID 19 has played a huge part in our problems financially wise from that time things tend to be worse than they used to be.

You need to look this in a perspective way how we used to spend our money in the grocery stores and careful are we now based on how things us to be cheaper for us , our basic salaries don’t scare us , until certain things happen our corruption government has made us , not be strong but to cruel on how to use money, and it come and go and hence I said it before inflation rates tend to not favors us in any way we can think possible, but the painful part of all this is that our salaries remain the same .

The question in everyone minds is that if things are not getting better but becoming worse everyday what is going to happen in 5 years to come , some countries are borrowing it from all different big Banks in the world trying to stabilize their economy problems in which it is not helping out the economy but it is making things much worse , the more things are favoring the people who are there on top that’s when you would see that the is big problem in the country.

I mean you can’t be saying you are borrowing $200 from other countries but you think you are fixing your country bear in mind you’ll be paying that triple times than the one you have borrowed and that you will be increasing everything that is on demand to be able pay the debts, no one has asked anyone to go out and borrow money because the end of the day people who will suffer are the ones who will be there by the shops buying expensive things not you in the upper position.

Goods and services

It doesn’t matter where you are and what you think are capable of you will always pay and bear in mind nothing is for free and cheaper we are living in a world were you need to pay for everything not because of some of the things are necessity and needs to be paid, we are all broke whether you are working or not but money has been scarce in a way that our goods and services are tending to be our assets , how do you expect people to be friendly to each other when things are expensive and money doesn’t have value.

We all need to eat , drink and bath you can’t be saying you will survive without any of these three , who is going to pay you a rent , food and toiletries if you don’t , I mean everything we are doing needs to be paid , going to work to need to pay taxi fare or petrol along the way , so living in our days is so not cheap anymore , value of money now is no more , so do you thing if your are earning $10 000 you are enough to pay the necessities the answer is no.

I need you to bear with me not that I am saying you are not earning but I am sure because of how things are in nowadays it so hard for you to make it to other month end with that , goods and services are expensive for that , we may think we are tough enough to make some other decisions but the is nothing painful than to have your own trolley only to find out that you will have to remove some of the things you needed because of not having enough money , I know it pains a lot.

We have been through thick and thin in our lives but the life we are living now is more of demanding more of money than our time , do you still remember when things were affordable were we used to stress but not about money and our economy , were you’ll but your groceries like nothing ,you won’t be experiencing your Bank card declining the way our cards are doing in nowadays , seeing a persons card declining has become a norm because we understand how things are expensive.

Crime and poverty

In these days you need to know who you are associating with because you’ll never know who you are dealing with , not all people want what you want , some of them would just use you to find what they really want , our countries I mean global has become so greedy at the same time , were people only thinks for themselves , just imagine you are given an opportunity to change other people’s lives by building them houses, did you know because of what poverty and greediness has down to us you won’t be using even the half of the money you are given to use.

Most these has been happening and we have seen them with our two eyes so people are using their violence to fix their own problems forgetting about other people rights , this thing doesn’t start now it has been happen and people are being affected by all this and most of it , it is us who are being treated fair and who doesn’t have an access to some of the things , so even you if you can be given that opportunity to try and fix that it will depend on how much you love people.

People has more of connections , we may act like we don’t know but the are people who we would suspect using all kinds of mischief as their way of living and all kinds and kinds but those people even though we know them we can’t be busy roaming around saying things we are not sure of than to focus on fixing our own lives and the question is who doesn’t want money ? do you think the money will ever be enough to fix all of our problems.


I want you to know this not from my experience but generally money will never enough not matter how rich you are you will still want more , so what more with us who doesn’t has one , it will always be big problem to make a move as money is demanding each and everything.