sleeping doesn't sleep pay

What do you mean exactly about that.

Sleeping doesn’t pay only means that while you are sleeping enjoying your dreams there people out there who are benefiting from you while sleeping, it doesn’t matter how much you are earning , you may never know what others are doing on your behalf an not that I say people shouldn’t sleep but most rich people don’t until they got what they are aiming to have, become who you are you don’t need to sleep like others but try and find a way to afford your life.

Our currencies are changing day in day out while you are sleeping most of people are given an opportunity to change their own lives, you one day wake find a nobody becoming somebody and you asking yourself how , simple means they didn’t sleep but working for their lives while your were sleeping don’t get me wrong but we need to try not to sleep long hours we usually sleeping just fight poverty and lack of money.

Financial problems

Most of us , we failing to achieve so many things and goals because we are struggling financial wise and it’s so hard to do your own things if you don’t have money , in your life finding yourself not having money know that you in the most difficult times in your life , I have been broke and trying by all mean to run away from that , not all people experience that stage in their lives , you tend to not be able to have strength to move and be able to hear your word being heard by people.

Just ask yourself who’s gonna listen to a low life person if you don’t have money people won’t value you in everything that you are about to do. I think not having money to do things has made most of us not to have an courage to do things like others are doing and you don’t have to feel like you have loose it because of the stage that you are in now, some people has always find a way of pulling themselves up when people thought they have given up.

We all have those days were you think you have failed but bear in mind opportunities come and go and you need once given it used it , for better use , if you have never been so broke in a way that you won’t be able to buy yourself a bread .I think you haven’t been broke or fail to do your wishes like what others are doing, you will be asking yourself questions like why other things are happening to forgetting that when others are up trying the best they can to do to fix their financial problems.


We all know that we got difference currencies in the world euro ,dollar ,rand, yen, pula , I can count these but the are so many of them , did you know that when you are sleeping those currencies do changes depending to the OIL, GOLD , PLATINUM, let’s make and example you are from somewhere in Africa so you are earning using the dollars did you know if your currency is not good according to the inflation in your country that will definitely affect your earning.

So you need to know what is happening or else one day you’ll wake up broke and that time you won’t be knowing what has happen to you and your as you’ve sleeping, we do know that some other things we can’t control our economy may not favors us, but if you can just wake up during the night and check how the currencies changes you will be able to see big difference, these has not only affect people who are poor but it has made a huge different in their lives as they get poor more because of these currencies.

Let for instead if the Dollar in not doing good and through their currency and that’s when things are getting expensive more for them , as some are benefiting from that change ,more of this would be dollar – rand if you’re in South Africa and R-$ is let’s say $1 is R18 you can see that people who are getting paid in dollars in South Africa they are getting nice income, but when they are changes their incomes will go down being affected by the value of dollar to rand and you won’t know that when you enjoy sleeping.


Most of people don’t have a clue on what the economy is busy doing , or what is going through so if you don’t have any information about that it will affect you more of the person who knows about what is going on , if you don’t have to seek for any knowledge that will really affect you in a long run , not all people fail to make it in life because of they don’t know how but we all need knowledge in order to move were we are , you need to grow in everything you coming across with.

Life will give you more challenges let it be something that you can deal with, you need to bear this in mind while others are sleeping just take your time to search for some information that can help you to gain the experience on how you country may be facing some problems , because even though some other things are not happening around but the corruption which is happening out there will affect you and how much it will affect you will see it when you get paid , tax , expenses won’t be the same.


Many of us really enjoy sleeping , while some are up trying to make their lives better on your presence , I would love to plead people who says their lives are not giving them what they deserve just take a little of your time and check what you can do to be rich or not to be rich but to have money to afford your needs and wants , I wouldn’t be lying to you but things changes everyday so always be ready for any challenges because sleeping really doesn’t pay.

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