achieving goals

What is meant by that achieving goals through hilarious times?

Achieving goals I think this is referring to the people who want nothing but to see themselves being something in a long run trying to give the best they can give on whatever they are doing it’s either they are at school or working , those one’s don’t let anything to disturb them as their focus is beyond the power of disturbs , not all people has that ability but only few who are capable and it really helps if a person started this from the early age.

It doesn’t matter what challenges you may face , when your mind is set on something they are making sure that they are doing the best of it , many has tried to adapt the style of giving all their attention on what they want to do but some has failed not because they wanted to but when you’re not used to something that’s when you will be facing struggles and fail along the way , this means a lot in a way that everything you are doing doesn’t come wrong in any substances because you want nothing else but to achieve.

What comes out of focusing.

We all expect good results in most of the things we are doing in our lives but I believe that all comes with an ability to train yourself some things that you need to teach your mind to be able to adapt ,let’s just assume that you are given a task to do and you need to do it as quick as possible and it’s deadline , did you know that if you are using to do things quick in time you’ll manage to do all that without stressing because your mind is to focus to fail to do that.

I think hence I said we need to give ourselves a strategy on how to deal with a pressure anywhere we can go and stop panicking and judging before we find out how difficult things are , we don’t need to teach people to keep their minds focus on things that they thinks are not worth their time and focus , we all want what is right at all the time positive results and go response but we don’t give focus more on what we are expected to give , we love to sleep , and sleeping doesn’t pay but tend to make a person lazy.

You sometimes has to ask yourself questions like what must I do to making happen , and what do I need to do focus my mind on the things I have to do by myself , what challenges should I overcome to make it , focus minds doesn’t comes with your bravery but an ability to make things happen within the time expected them to happen , just imagine being given a task of 3 days but because you more focus on your work you finish that before that time and everyone can do that if the can put focus on everything.

Time and pressure

It doesn’t matter to others how they feel pressurized on what they have to do on the short of period of time as others has put focus minds on whatever they have to do , start by making sure that you can be able to work under pressure , I think this usually happens when a person has given everything that the person has and what that person want to achieve because if you don’t have dreams to achieve that will feels like a punishment to you .

Time will always not a problem if your mind is more focusing on what you want to be achieving goals and sometimes these kind of pressure needs you more than what you can do , and sometimes working with people who are able to make it happen will help you keep yourself on wanting to achieve the same goal as others, no-one can stop time so time will always not our side this means you need to focus on the positives in order to be achieving goals ,you really need to keep focusing from everything.

Goals to achieve

I think everyone have their own dreams to achieve , no-one doesn’t want to have their own things that they would call theirs , but we really need to know that we can’t achieve most of things if we don’t put our heads down an do what is needed trust me you there is nothing nicer than to sleep without stressing about what will happen tomorrow because what you were supposed to do is already has been done in time , it only starting with you and what you wish to achieve.

Goals are there to be achieved by everyone but they only need you and me to give the best we can give to achieve them and bear in mind your dreams and mine are not the same we might be working in the same area and doing the same thing everyday but achieving goals may not be the same as what I want to achieve, achieving goals may seems like it’s a small thing but trust me it’s not you’ll have to fail and be disappointed at some point.

It is so hard really hard to come in senses that you may take half of your years trying to make it happen but at the same time things may not go according to the way you want them to be , we all want to be something there , nothing is feels good than to see people get inspired by your work and how you are fighting to make it in life , you tend to be an icon to other and a hero to those ones who needs one , so pushing your dreams can help others to achieve theirs.


Most of people made it through the hardest times in their lives because they really believed in themselves and what they really want to achieve, people your don’t wake and feel like you achieving goals they really take time and energy, trust me me your effort on your work will pay you on achieving what you want achieve not everyone will give you a push on what your want to achieve.

By Watson

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