How to deal with a poverty

What is poverty?

Poverty it is when people are failing to have what they would love to have , it is usually a state of not affording the needs meaning if you are failing to have money to buy yourself food and water , also not having your own shelter we consider those people as people who are having a disadvantages in their lives and poverty has made more people feels like they are useless and their words won’t be heard by anyone and they always feel like they are useless.

We as people are coming from different places and we are different things that we afford and some don’t even afford a slice of bread , some people know nothing about poverty as some maybe they are coming from good environments were whatever they need was always there but every rich person has faced those times , and that has push them to be rich and afford everything they always desire to have , so every person has been hungry but some made it happen and moved from that .

What may be the causes of Poverty

Lack of knowledge

I think this has made more our people poor and not knowing that the is something that they can do to move from that poverty , sometimes few of people who will come and teach you any way of making money , and us being greedy also has played a huge different in many people , if you need some of advises on what you can do to prevent your situation to be worse, if you are at school try by all means to study and pass your studies and that will most help you to live better in the future.

Lack of knowledge only means one thing ‘not knowing what to do fix what is needed to be fixed , not all people are failing to make it in their lives not because some they don’t have money but its because they are lacking something , just imagine having money and you don’t know what to with it , you just become worse than the people who doesn’t have money, looking for knowledge has always a key to succeed, so I would love people to try and look exactly on what can help them to move from poverty.

Most of people are just living their lives not knowing of how the economy is reacting in some of the things that has includes money , I mean you need to know how the inflation rates are everyday because you’ll never know what will happen tomorrow some other things don’t need more money but usually you r time and we really don’t have time as some others are strictly hustling their way of making money even though some they don’t have a clue on how to make money , wake up and ask how and you’ll find people who’ll help you.


Money has become the main reason why most people of people to live their lives not knowing what they might eat and not having money has made people so useless , that made our fathers to not be respected and their word will always not be heard by anyone , there is not painful than to be broke , nobody will ever just give you money before working for it, just imagine you don’t have even a n experience to work and you need money to provide for yourself and do you see that it will really affect you even emotional.

It doesn’t matter how much is it in this world every cent counts and things has tend to be more expensive and people has been struggling to live with the way things are , you need to know one of the things in life just imagine being poor and things are getting more expensive and you don’t have any money to provide anything for yourself do you how money has been so important in our lives , that we can’t do anything without it as scarcity as it is but our lives resolved around it.

I would say everyone want to be rich and have all the nicest things that they can have in their lives and nobody feels comfortable on giving money they know that things are so quickly changing so they prefer saving every cent they can have ,no-one ever wake up being rich but we need money to help us on achieving our goals bear in mind you money to buy data to search on how to make it , and as for travelling you also need money to do all that , money has become an expense on its on .


I would say in order for you and me to move away from poverty we need to give ourselves time to know what is it that we can come up with , not all people were born to be rich such will hustle they die but coming up together can help more of people to achieve what they would love to achieve, sharing the cents and knowledge can make your lives a living dream.

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